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July 14 , 2024
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GTC facts and guidelines

Global Trance Community is a mailing list that was created in April 98. In it's original phase it was meant to be a list that gathers friends from all corners of the world. We were only few people, and the list was closed. All knew each other, and not only by Email but in real life too. Since then the mailing list had been opened up and it's growing everyday. GTC members are numbered in hundreds these days, with one thing to drive them all- the love to trance music. Since this is not a small community we have some guidelines as to what this list deals with and how to behave in it- please read them well and respect them!

Be respectful and polite to others. No violence- no swears, no dirty language, no degrading words- say what you want politely and respectfully. Advice: read again what you wrote before hitting the send key- try to think if it will really deliver your message the right way.

This an international list: Write in English, so all can understand. Mind your words, there maybe others from a different culture that will find them offensive.

This is a big list: Make sure your posts are interesting to the majority of listees. Otherwise carry on discussions off list. Try to stay on topic (trance music and culture)- if you have some off topic thought that you feel is important or interesting for the list please add (OT) to the subject line, so people that are here only for trance can filter it. Refrain from "one-liners" as much as possible, they flood our mailboxes and don't really say anything (remember that some people open their mailboxes once or twice a week only). If you reply please erase irrelevant stuff from the original message quoted.

No politics.
No violence.
No disrespect.

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