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June 19 , 2024
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Anna Heifetz is a professional sound engineer, born in israel 1979.
Producing & DJing under the names Annarchy or Pi.Anna plays the piano, keyboards and uses her vocal on some of her projects. Her sound is Original, combining mysterious grooves with deep elegant feel.

Anna is in the psy progressive field since 2001. got to be known for her unique sets & became residant for a few top clubs around south of Israel and TA untill left to the UK (2003) to compose for the science fiction channel.
She performed in some of the finest venues in the field such as-
Earthcore 2004 (Australia) Origin festival 2005 (SA) Happy people 2004 (Switzerland) Universo Parallelo 2005 (Brazil) Glade festival 2005 (England) Wingmakers 2005 (England) T.A.Z festival 2006 (Israel) ; Doof Festival 2007 (ISRL)
while gathering an impressive amount of music of her own.

Her psy progressive tunes are being released on labels such as Nano rec, Iboga rec, Flow rec, Domo rec and more.
Annarchy is usually a solo band , but there were some fine collaborations: together with Dick Trevor & George Barker, created "Eargate" that has become a massive sucsess (nm.1 at Beatport charts for a week!)

Late 2005 Anna got back to israel, joinned Earpeaks music group label and was focusing on finishing her debute album which is About to come out later on this year. Her live act is now ready and going on a tour, starting with Easter Vortex festival, SA.

Doing music for Films, games, fashion shows, as well as dance floor matirials- her freestyle/experimental project Pi (with live instruments and Anna's vocal) is just about to see the lights of the music shops as well).

Next stops:
SA, England, France, Germany, Brazil.


Annarchy - Through my own eyes (Nano rec) 2005
Mamboo Jumboo - Mysterons (Annarchy & Dixter rmx) . Transient rec.2005
Annarchy & Dixter - Dual modufication (Nano rec) 2006
Dixter & Annarchy - On the hunt (liquid & solid rec) 2005
Annarchy, Dixter & Barker - Eargate. (Iboga rec) 2006
Annarchy - Bizzare hi . (Domo rec SA) 02/2007
Annarchy - Wherever . (Flow rec) 02/2007

Annarchy - www.myspace.com/wwwmyspacecomannarchy
Anna H - www.myspace.com/annarchy1
Pi - www.myspace.com/annarchypi
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