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June 19 , 2024
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BASIC are Benny Risher & Shahar Fahima. The duo is working together for two years now. Both of them come from the north of Israel, they met in a party that shahar played as a d.j. Not long after they met, they started producing together under the name BASIC.

Benny was born in 1974,he started his psy days early as 1994 and after 4 years of traveling in goa Thailand and more…. he came back to Israel. In 1998 he formed together with Avihen Livna (a.k.a Cosma R.I.P ) the "Diablo" project .

Since the release of the “Diablo” album Benny didn’t write any music for a couple of years because of a serious back injury. In 2003 he produced & released a track under the name Experience X, the track was a tribute to "Cosma".

Shahar was born in 1982. He studied composing in school and started making music in the age of 16. He experimented with different kind of music and in the age of 18 he started producing few psytrance tracks under the name "Spasm".

Both Benny & Shahar come from the same musical background that includes classical music, reggae, rock, and even blues music.

Since they started producing music as BASIC, Benny & Shahar already got some tracks signed and released in various compilations worldwide:

-Master System – (YoYo/BNE) Israel
-Facing The Sun – (YoYo/BNE) Israel
-Basic Technologies – (Hyperflow/Flow Rec) Portugal
-Japanic – (Sirius Records) Japan
-Sushi & Wasabi (Crystal Matrix) Portugal

BASIC music is a mix of atmospheric melodies and very strong bass line and groove that will fill your mind & soul but also will feed your legs with maximum beats.

The duo is working these days on music for their debut album that will be released in YOYO/BNE in 2006.


Worldwide Representation: booking@bne.co.il
For Promotional Inquiries – promo@bne.co.il
General Info - www.bne.co.il / sales@bne.co.il
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