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June 19 , 2024
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Domateck are Meir Azoulay (1985) and Asher Sabag (1986) from the south of Israel (Dimona).
Both of them have a rich experience produce music, they also made Psy-Trance music in separated projects.
Asher & Meir are known in the scene and played in a lot of parties/festivals over Israel and already blast the dance floor with some of they tracks in all world dance floors.
Domateck released some tracks for while in Sundance Records, Planet B.E.N Records, Magma Records, Enigmatic Records, Dacru Records, they have some tracks planed to released on the few next months.
Domateck are working cooperation with all sorts trance acts.
Domateck project vision includes Psy-Trance music with good sound production, power entrances and power beats with emotional melodies and story.
Domateck going to release a Various Artists Compilation on Magma Records called "Power Unit" included massive power tracks with respected artists like: Insomnia, Volcano, Crystal Sound, Tactic Mind, Sundose, Optical Vision, Perlook and more. Also they just finished tthe work on their debut album that called "Beat The Beast" and planned to released on 16/05/2008 on Magma Records.
Domateck are now touring to launch their V/A Power Unit and for presenting the new album to kick the dance floors.

Domateck Studio Includes:
Full Acoustic Studio Room
Quad Core PC
Cubase Sx 3.2

Behringer C1 Microphone

KRK V8 Series
Event TR-6 Studio Monitors

Sound Card:
Motu UltraLite

Korg Legacy Control Station
M-Audio Oxygen 8

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