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June 19 , 2024
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Great Leap Forward

G.L.F is Marius Kats. Marius started making music 14 years ago at an early age of 16 while still in the new wave era, and by the early 90s transformed his style to experimental electronica and was creating compositions for art installations and short films in Israel. He moved to Australia in December 1996 and since then created music for various events and also released on local labels (mainly breakbeat and freestyle). He was making trance in the background till the opportunity came to release with Flying Rhino and the trance element popped up. He defines his trance style as a fusion between progressive to tribal and with touches of psychedelic. Marius says he is imposing the experimental past of his work on the new doof beat while retaining the harmony element of trance.
G.L.F is regarded one of the prominent producers from Sydney and has played in all the major parties around Australia (Triba-delic, Melbourne, Summer dreaming, Sydney, Outback Eclipse, South Australia, The Gathering, Earthdance, Sydney etc.) plus parties in Japan and New Zealand.

He released his first album- Cinkofa though Flying Rhino in 2001, and also the Sparta EP.
He also released the following tracks: Bulb (Noughty), Sparta (Life -Re:evolution 3), Sparta (8th Flight- Gravitation), Old Money (Singularity 2002), Great Leap Forward- Sub Status (Bondi Bitch), Great Leap Forward- King Cobra (Bondi Bitch), Great Leap Forward- Aurora Australis (Bondi Bitch).


Yamaha 01V

Topaz 12 channel


Event 20/20p



Access Virus B

Nord Modular

JV1080 Korg

Electribe EA

Yamaha CS1x

FAT 383 Free Bass

Yamaha A4000

Akai S2000

FM7 NI + more virtual shit


VS1880 Hard Disk

Tascam DA20

Event Gina


TC Electronics D2 Delay
Behringer Virtualizer

Yamaha rev500

Roland Space Echo


E-Mail: marius@electricmonkeys.com

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