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June 19 , 2024
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Quadra is Ido Liran, born 1977 in Haifa, grew up in Bin-Nun village in the north of Israel, and for the last 10 years residing in LA, USA, visiting Israel every once in a while.
Ido learned to play the piano for a while when he was young, and says he was always propelled by music. Only when he discovered trance in 95, when a friend brought him a tape of a trance radio show from Israel (Astral Projection, Simon Posford) he decided to make music. Since then he's been making trance music. He started working on Midi, Yamaha keyboard, and decided it is definitely something he can do, slowly he gathered equipment and started tracking. In 96 he released his first in Ceiba Records, and then started playing in parties in LA and around The US. In 98 Ido started working on different projects with a different and more psychedelic sound.
Lately Ido's studio was transformed and upgraded, and now he works on new psychedelic music and other projects. Ido says he makes trance music because he loves this music and feels it is the less limiting in sound and shape, and enables more creativity. Inspiration is a combination of all that happens in his life plus good parties and good music. He listens to a lot of electronic music, but also to a lot of classical music, mainly Mozart and Beethoven, which inspires him as well. In trance he likes most, Koxbox, X-Dream, Hallucinogen, and Flying Rhino stuff.

Ido released few tracks on different compilations: State of Trance- Alien Prophecy (Language of Light), Quadra- Frequency, Quadra- Traffic Fly & System 9- T-rex (Shiva Space Technology Israel), Quadra- LFOs and UFOs (Trance Experience 4, Melodica- The Baba's Revenge), Quadra- Carana Agama & Quadra- Makara (rmx) (Shiva Space Technology Israel 2), Quadra- T-rex (remix) (Melodica- The Baba's Revenge).
In mid-2000 he released his debut album, Digital Stimulant, in Boom Records in Holland.

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