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June 19 , 2024
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Quantize are Reshef Harari and Adi Ashkenazi. Reshef Harari was born in 1982
and started listening to Trance music and attending parties since the young
age of 16. He showed a lot of interest in the developing scene and started
DJing in 2001. From the beginning his main attraction was to the minimal
trance which was strong in those days with artists such as XV Kilist, Paste,
Bitmonx and their likes serving as the main ingredient in his sets. In 2003
he finally started to explore the world of producing after he bought his
first computer for this purpose. He started producing minimal trance and
with time opened more and more to the more Psy-progressive genre since it
was very uplifting and groovy.

Adi Ashkenazi was born in 1981. As a kid he was always attracted to music
and was practicing guitar playing from a very young age. Later on he
discovered electronic music and especially Trance music. In 2002 he went
traveling to India and Thailand for a short time where he also played some
of his first DJ sets. After a while he felt it was time to express his point
of view regarding the current music and felt the need to create his own

Around that time, more specifically 2004, Reshef and Adi met and joined
forces under the name Quantize. They started working on various styles
within the progressive genre but in 2005 when they joined Domo records as
their home they tended to move more and more towards the groovy uplifting
progressive style in the best spirit of the label.

So far they have performed practically all over Israel with great feedbacks
from the crowds, and have released two tracks so far:

Strange Days(Dooflex 2005) Strange days (RMX) (Hexagon Experience 2006) More releases coming soon on Domo Records

In the near future Quantize are focusing themselves on creating more and
more quality music to establish their own style and naturally to release
more tracks on compilations for worldwide labels and of course on Domo

Studio gear:

Bm6" dynaudio monitors

Phonic 250 amp

2 viruses c+c

2.8ghz pc,800 mhz asus mother bord,dual ddr 400 memory

and all possible plugins.

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