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June 19 , 2024
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Vibe Tribe

Vibe Tribe are Stas Marniansky and Elmar Ivatarov from Kiriat Gat in the south of Israel. Both are 18 years old, were born in Russia, but now living in Israel.
Both of them are into trance music since 1994. They met in school, talked in class and found out that they both make music at home using a program called Fast Tracker. The same day Elmar came to Stas' house and listened to his music, the next day, Stas came to Elmar's house. That's when they started to work together. After working together on Nitzhonot for a while, they changed to psychedelic style and chose the name Vibe Tribe for themselves. They began using Cubase instead of Fast Tracker and gained more knowledge in music production.

They believe you do not need a lot of hardware to make good music, and use many VST plug-ins for their music. They say today plug-ins can give you almost the same level of quality and sound.

Vibe Tribe are also collaborate with Osher Swissa (Ananda) and Alex Krupenko (Toxic Toy), and working on their debut album.

So far they have released: Vibe Tribe- Drug Enthusiasm (Decoder), Vibe Tribe & Ananda- Impulces (Colorado), Vibe Tribe- Play the Game (Next Generations), Vibe Tribe- Devil's Apple (AI part 2), Vibe Tribe- Special Places (October 13), Vibe Tribe- Ecstasy of Revelations (Accelerator 1.0), Vibe Tribe & Toxic Toy- American Pussy (Pure Imagination Vol.1).

More tracks are signed and going to be released soon in different labels around the world.

Behringer Mixer
CreamWare Luna Sound Card
Clavia Nord Lead 2
Various VSTi's


E-Mail: Vibetribe43@yahoo.com

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