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June 19 , 2024
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Void are Oren Emanuel (born 1979) and Tamir Regev (born 1979), both originally from Kiryat Motzkin (a suburb of the northern city Haifa).

Tamir grew up in New York, and was a DJ there for several years, playing Trance music and organizing parties. After a short visit to his homeland, Tamir decided to stay, and worked in a local Tower Records branch, in charge of the electronic music department. Naturally he started to DJ in parties around Israel (with all the new music he got from his job).
Oren was making rock music, and was on the way to record an album in London under the name Hish, with famous Israeli artist Yermi Kaplan in charge of the production. Everything changed when he met Tamir, through mutual friends. The connection was immanent.
The Void project itself started on a bench in a public park. Tamir asked Oren if he wants to stop making rock music and move to trance. Oren said yes. Then, the duo has began organizing trance parties in the north of Israel, DJing and playing their music. In 2001 they decided it’s time to start working on their project seriously, so they moved to Tel Aviv and started working on their debut album.
One day Asher Skazi heard their music in a mutual friend’s house and decided to sign them right away.

Void are influenced from a variety of musical styles. From Rock to Chillout, through heavy metal, dance and New York house. They like Oasis, Metallica, Massive Attack, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and many more. What they like about trance music is that it combines many genres inside it. Their aim is to make trance music that combines a number of musical styles in it, creating more complex and sophisticated music, without losing the “power”.

Their debut album, Punishment, was released on Chemical Crew in July 2004.

They also released: Void- Free (Zoo2), Void - Wake Up (DJ Skazi- ??????), Void- 3rd Dimension (Hypernova), Void- No Disco (Zoo3), Void- Dirty Mind (Zoo3), Void - The Fly (Raveolution < reloaded >),

Pentium 4ht 1 giga ram and 360 hd space computer

Virus C

Nordlead 3

Luna soundcard

RME Hammerfall soundcard

EM-U extreme lead module

M-Audio Tampa mic preamp

AKG solid tube microphone

Dynaudio BM6A studio monitors

Behringer 1031a studio monitors

Dell laptop

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