Isratrance grieves the untimely death of our friend Avihen Livne- Cosma.

Avihen my friend,
Today I got this phone call, you see. It made me cry. It made me realize that we won't be meeting next week like we planned. Who knows when we'll meet next? It's up to me now I guess, when I'll reach that big party in the sky. And I know that when I will, you will be there, smiling your big knowing smile with that sparkling in your eyes. And at least it warms my heart to know that you'll be there behind the decks, and I will dance with all the others to your beautiful music, music filled with so much emotions and feel, music that penetrates one’s heart because it comes from a big heart. And then we'll sit together, have a laugh look at the beautiful world around us...
I'm a man of words, but words don't come now, only feelings, and tears.
Just know that we'll miss you here and remember you well, and so will all the thousands of people that you did so much good to with your beautiful music.
And at least your music will stay with us to warm our heart and make us remember you as you were, simple yet deep, happy, funny and full of good.
Party on friend.
I love you,

[enter IsraTrance]