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May 27 , 2018
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13-16/07/2012 Antaris-Project presents:

Antaris Project 2012


Lineup Antaris-Project 2012

Special Live concert by:

Hilight Tribe /Cosmic Hoboes Rec. Fr

Eat Static / UK

Cosmosis vs. Ajja on Guitars


Altruism / Nano Rec. Br.

Artha / Cronomi Rec. Pol

Atma / BMSS Rec. Macedonia

Audiomatic / Spimtwist Rec. D

Bonky Show / Doof Rec. Isr/NL

Burn in Noise/ Alchemy Rec. Br.

Cosmosis / Transient Rec. UK

Dejavoo / Transient Rec. UK

Dickster / Nano Rec. UK

Dissociactive / SunStation Rec. RU

Drumatik / Mind Expansion CH

Egorythmia / Iono Music Macedonia

Entropy / Doof Rec. Isr

First Stone / Vagalume Rec. Br

Flooting Grooves / Peak Rec. SA

Fractal Cowboys / Tantrumm Rec. US

Green Nuns of The Revolution / UK

Hutti Heita /Yggdrasil Rec. Norway

Kerlivin / Parvati Rec,Phreex Networx Taiwan

Loud / Nano Rec. Isr

Mindwave / Iono Music Isr

Morphing Tunes D

Multiphase / Iboga Rec. DK

Onkel Dunkel /Parvati Rec. DK

Perfect Stranger / Iboga Rec. Isr

Procs / Trishula/ Manic Dragon Sw

Psylotropic / Sp

Ra / Suntrip Rec. Norway

Rev / Doof/Bomshankar Rec NL

Salakavala / Antiscarp Rec. Fin

Sensient / Zenon Rec. Aus

Talpa / Tesseract Studio Serb

Via Axis / Ovnimoon Rec. Br

Yab Yum / Peak Rec. CH

Yuddhistira / Vertigo Rec. Mac

Zen Mechanics / Neurobiotic,Iboga Rec. NL

DJ/ANES 2012

Alice D Joanna D

Back to Mars NL

BLT Dj set / Isr

Boom Shankar& Saltaux / BMSS Rec. Ger

Brotherys / Sangoma Rec Ger

BuzzT D

Chicago 1200 Mics Retro Set

Dee Luna D

Domino UK

Dr. Changra D

Gandalf / D

Ilse / Parvati Rec. D

Javeed & Heribert D

Jonas D

Konstantin D

Mike Mc Guire UK

Namaskar D

Naveen D

Nigel Shiva Valley UK

Philipp Lammers D

Rickard (Aka Vibrasphere) / Sw

Robin Irl

Rohan UK

Sangeet D

Sebastiano D

Shore Bar Axel

Sven Looping D

Pelzi D

Thata BR

Zimon Irl

Lineup Ambient Floor


Vakuum Sounds Native State / Ulitmae Rec.


Aiora Existence Records / GR

Aquarius GER

Chris Zippel Genuine / Elux Rec. / Mole / E

Dj Suz Casita Sounds / E

DJ Valis GER

Erbse GER

Hippi Synthetic Dialog / SLO

Jaume E

Julian GER

Kai Mathesdorf Trust In Trance / GER

Krisae GER

Lavinia GER

Kraftfuttermischwerk GER

Mat Mushroom Mushroom Magazine / GER

Micha GER

Mirko GER

Necton Kryptonica Music / SWE

NeoBeo Freakplanet

Raviv GER

Resolut (Feingefuehl) GER

Saetchmo RootDub / GER

Sangeet GER

Sebastiano GER

Simon Bohlin SWE

Spiky Diaphan Music / GR / GER

Tofuland GER

Vargo Ambient Domain

More Info:

Dear Friends of Antaris, dear Antarians!

13.-16. July 2012 on the Otto Lilienthal Airport in Stölln

The Coutdown is running.Very soon, and finally the 18th Antaris Festival on Otto-Lilienthal Airport will take off. According to the motto Laugh & Dance Finally 18, we will again create a special feast for your eyes,your ears and your heart.Psytrance,Progressive,Full On,Techno,Elektro and Ambient-an international top class lineup with more than 100 live acts and dj´s will rock Antaris.The 2 dancefloors will be fantastically-psychedelic decorated in wellknown Antaris fashion, and will sparkle and shine under Liquid Light. If you prefer to take a more easy approach you can relax in the Ambient Area or the continouisly growing Spiritual Circle.Take part in Yoga and Meditation workshops,or get a massage and leave all the party stress behind. For your aural pleasure there are many nice food stall in our big shop area where you can also buy everything a trancer needs. Live Performances, High altitude Fireworks and Lasershow complete the magical experience Antaris offers. The Location,an extensive, grassy sailing airport, surrounded by fields and forests is about 1 hour drive from Berlin. Various nice lakes where you can swim on a hot day are close by. It`s also easy to get to the festival by public trainsport. All the infos regarding transport can be found on our website.
Secure your reduced presale ticket in time, either online or from one of the many Presale Ticket Outlets that you can find under the Ticket button on our website. (www.antaris-project.de)
Joining us on stage amongst others will be Altruism,First Stone,Burn in Noise,Thatha,Via Axis from Brasil, Artha (Poland), Atma (Romania), Dissociactive (Russia), Flooting Grooves (South Afrika), Fractal Cowboys (US), Green Nuns oft he Revolution (UK), Kerlivin (Taiwan), Loud and Perfect Stranger from Israel, Onkel Dunkel (Denmark), Procs (Sweden), Ra (Norway), Slakavala (Finland) und Zen Mechanics (Holland), to name just a few. As special acts we present and a collaboration of Cosmosis vs Ajja on Guitar.
As special concert we will present the outstanding musicians Eat Static(UK) and Hilight Tribe (France) You can find the full lineup on our website (www.antaris-project.de)

LAUGH & DANCE its for your eyes, your ears and your heart!
For Friendship,Peace and Freedom!


Free Parking Chill Area VJ Deco Eco Friendly Children Zone Workshops/Market Transportation Discounted Presale 

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