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May 27 , 2018
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04-09/07/2012 Fullmoon-Festival Crew presents:

Fullmoon-Festival presents: FREQS OF NATURE near Berlin
Near Berlin


Life is a continuous journey of gathering knowledge and experiences.

So over the years we took part in our scene, observed its needs and wishes to develop new ideas for our concept, and we found a perfectly suited, natural location in the middle of a beautiful east German forest.

We are back with a new festival name, as promised, from a two year break. We have teamed up with friends old and new to go beyond the from us known perfect infrastructure and a well selected line-up by focusing on creating a unique space to present all varieties of psychedelic art.

Upon entering our festival, you will find an array of art projects from next level dance floor decoration to performances to land-art installations.
Our friends the Looney Moon Team from Italy is organizing a gallery with a large spectrum of the finest visionary artist we know. In addition to the gallery, our italian friends are also organizing a chillout-space with carefully selected experimental downbeat music.

For the dance experience, we will again create two floors to be able to present all kinds of psychedelic trance music.
The two dance floors are going to be the same size, managed with the same intensity and love, but with a different musical direction.
While the one will cover the smooth and slower grooves with a constantly positive attitude, the other will lead you in to organic forest and experimental worlds to just get lost in or to have ego altering trance experiences.

Keep an eye on our mailing list and website to get regular updates with information of the ongoing process, artist booking status, presentation of art project concepts, and anything else you might be interested in.

We are happy and excited to welcome you to our festival in 2012; we can´t wait to share a new experience and together tune in to the freqs of nature!

More Info:

Dear Fullmooners and Freqs of Nature,

The dance floor line ups are just a little part of the culture of our festival but it has a great impact on the whole experience.
So after months of listening, consideration and many years of dance floor observations we are happy and proud to present the first batch of our selection of what we think is the finest the Psychedelic Trance scene has to offer.
We want to thank all the artists for their great support, without their love towards the scene and their continues support a line up in such extent and intensity would never be possible.



<Aerospace> Digital Nature Rec. - Israel - (LIVE)

<Aerospace vs Etic> Digital Nature Rec. - Israel - (DJ-Set)

<AMD> Nano Rec. - England - (DJ-Set)

<Audiomatic> Spin Twist Rec. - Germany - (DJ-Set)

<Avalon> Nano Rec. - England - (LIVE)

<Brujo´s Bowl> Zenon Rec - England - (LIVE)

<Danshivan & Diavolo> Soundviecher - Germany - (DJ-Set)

<Dick Trevor> Nano Rec. - England - (DJ-Set)

<Driss> Hadra Rec. - France - (DJ-Set)

<E-Clip> Tesseract Studio - Serbia - (LIVE)

<Egot> Zenon Rec. - Sweden - (DJ-Set)

<Etic> Digital Nature Rec. - Israel - (LIVE)

<Filteria> Suntrip Rec. - Sweden - (LIVE)

<Fog vs Phobos> Looney Moon Rec. - Italy - (DJ-Set)

<Grouch> Zenon Rec. - New Zealand - (LIVE)

<Hypogeo> Zenon Rec. - Italy - (LIVE)

<Ital> Antu Rec. - Chile - (LIVE)

<Kained & Able> Uroboros Records. - England - (LIVE)

<Killerwatts> Nano Rec. - England - (LIVE)

<Krama> Spin Twist Rec. - Greece - (LIVE)

<Liquid Soul> Iboga Rec - Swiss - (LIVE)

<Luca & Jazzmine> Blue Hour Sounds - Italy - (DJ-Set)

<Materia> 24/7 Rec. - Austria - (LIVE)

<Natron> Solar Tech Rec - Germany - (DJ-Set)

<Nerso> Tesseract Studio - Serbia - (LIVE)

<Nolan Shmolan> Zenon Rec. - England - (DJ-Set)

<OV Silence Oli> OV-Silence - Germany - (DJ-Set)

<Pick> Zenon Rec. - Israel - (LIVE)

<Profound> Panmusic - Sweden - (LIVE)

<Psywolf> Dacru Rec. - Austria - (DJ-Set)

<Radioactive Cake> Glitchy Tonic Rec - Germany - LIVE)

<Raoul> Blue Hour Sounds - Germany - (DJ-Set)

<Reactant> Zenon Rec. - Australia - (LIVE)

<Ritmo> Iono Rec. - Israel - (LIVE)

<Ronk> OV-Silence - Germany - (DJ-Set)

<Sensient> Zenon Rec. - Australia - (DJ-Set)

<Sonic Tickle> Zenon Rec. - Germany (LIVE)

<Tantrix> Blue Hour Sounds - England - (LIVE)

<Tom Cosm> cosm.co.nz - New Zealand - (LIVE)

<Tristan> Nano Rec. - England - (LIVE)

<Vertex> Tesseract Studio - Serbia - (LIVE)

<Zeitgeist> Glitchy Tonic Rec. - Germany - (LIVE)


<Abralabim> Discovalley Rec. - Germany - (DJ-Set)

<AnnoyingNinjas> Sanaton Rec. - Denmark - (LIVE)

<Arcek> Kamino Rec. - Mexico - (LIVE)

<Arjuna> Parvati Rec. - Italy - (LIVE)

<Cosmo> Noise Poison Rec. - Slovakia - (LIVE)

<CTCdrope> Biomechanikal Rec. - Brasil/Spain - (DJ-Set)

<Derango feat. Purosurpo> Sanaton/Parvati Rec. - Sweden - (LIVE)

<Donkey Shot> Sanaton Rec. - Sweden - (DJ-Set)

<Drone Bixie> Parvati Rec. - Denmark - (LIVE)

<Encephalopaticys> Parvati Rec. - Macedonia - (LIVE)

<Farebi Jalebi> Parvati Rec. - India - (LIVE)

<FrodOhm> Yggdrasil Rec. - Norway - (DJ-Set)

<Galactic Brain> Kamino Rec. - Mexico - (LIVE)

<Giuseppe> Parvati Rec. - Denmark - (DJ-Set)

<Hallucinogenic Horses> Sanaton/Lost Theory Rec. - Sweden - (LIVE)

<Ianuaria> Blue Hour Sounds - Austria - (LIVE)

<Ilse> Parvati Rec. - Germany - (DJ-Set)

<Jahbo> Parvati Rec. - Denmark - (LIVE)

<Jairam> Real Vision Music - Germany - (DJ-Set)

<Kashyyyk> Kamino Rec. - Mexico - (LIVE)

<Kerlivin> Parvati Rec. - Taiwan - (LIVE)

<Kindzadza> Osom Music - Russia - (LIVE)

<Kulu> Deviant Force Rec. - Greece - (DJ-Set)

<Lepton> Lost Theory Rec. - Belgium - (DJ-Set)

<Lill´li> Zenon/Uroboros Rec. - Denmark - (DJ-Set)

<Makadam> Sanaton Rec. - Sweden - (LIVE)

<Megalopsy> Dark Prisma Rec. - Argentina - (LIVE)

<Orestis> Tantrumm Rec. - Greece - (LIVE)

<Texas Faggott> Exogenic Rec. - Finland - (DJ-Set)

<Traskel> Sanaton Rec. - Sweden - (LIVE)

<Whrikk> Sanaton Rec. - Netherlands - (LIVE)

<Will O Wisp> Dark Prisma Rec. - Argentina - (LIVE)

<Zik> Echo Vortex Rec. - Greece - (LIVE)

<Zoolog> Parvati Rec. - Denmark - (DJ-Set)

- the presale has just started -
Early Birds Full Days Pass :

until 04 March 45,- Euros
until 30 April 49,- Euros
until 30 June 59,- Euros

onlinepresale only at http://www.freqsofnature.de

Price at the door 75,- Euros

hardtickets preseller please get in contact with us under tickets@freqsofnature.de


Free Parking Chill Area VJ Deco Eco Friendly Children Zone Workshops/Market Water Access Transportation Discounted Presale 

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