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May 27 , 2018
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19-22/07/2012 Somuna presents:

Somuna Festival 2012 - Presale only


Somuna Festival - 19. July - 22. July 2012 - Marbachegg, Switzerland

We are very happy to announce, that the Somuna Festival will take place a third time!
Please read on to learn what we will offer at the Somuna Festival.

The Creative Area
One of the most important basic ideas of the Somuna Festival comes to life in the "Creative Area". This area provides space for creativity and centers around the guest of the Somuna Festival as an Artist. In different places materials for creative work are freely available.
The idea is to give the guests of the Somuna Festival the opportunity to become a producer instead of a consumer and to discover the artist within her- and himself. The individual expression, the joy of creation and the discovery and release of creative energy shall be supported.
Furthermore to try, learn and be inspired a variety of workshops will be offered free of charge.

The Location and the Decoration
For us everything natural like earth, sky, plants, animals and human beings is already perfectly beautiful. So why decorate it? At the Somuna Festival we are blessed with a fantastic location and that is what we work with. During the nights we try to light the area as cosy and natural as possible. Have a look at some pictures: http://www.somuna.com/en/location .
It goes without saying that we will offer shelter from rain, free drinking water, showers and clean toilets. To leave nobody hungry the vegetarian food stalls will be carefully selected and at the beginning of the day we will offer a small free breakfast for everyone.

The Music
In one sentence: Music will be played that inspires our minds, touches our hearts and puts our bodies into vibration.... :)
Focusing on music as a whole, avoiding any discussions about style, the Somuna Festival breaks with conventions and formulas as they are used mostly.

On Friday and Sunday there will be mainly psychedelic, electronic music. But on Thursday and Saturday acoustic bands and music will be a part of the Somuna Festival too. Furthermore during the nights there will be a music break, to let the night breath. Trust us on this, it will be wonderful. :) We will start every day on the dancefloor at sunrise with a colourful and boundless music mix followed by a guided 5-Rhythm dance with Susanna Dobos.

To make sure that not a single sound is lost and to offer the maximum in sound quality possible with modern technology, we will rent one of the best sound systems available on the market. A Kling & Freitag Line Array will please our ears and we promise you, after hearing this soundsystem you will have a new perception of soundsystems overall.

We know, you are curious now, but as in the years before, the electronic DJ / LiveAct lineup will be published at the festival only. We can tell you that we have listened to over 150 Demos from all over the world and have selected only the most creative and genuine artists and DJs. However we can tell you which band will play at the Somuna Festival :) Here we go:

Ecosphere - The Ambient project of Antonio Testa and Susana Alvear
Their music will make us come back to the past, offering us the view of a world, deeply rooted in our unconscious.

Somos Organicos
Their mix of earthy, groovy percussion and floating instrumental sounds will make sure that no foot and no soul stays unmoved.

Orange Vibe
Orange Vibe will guide us through an intriguing sound scape with their fusion of electronic atmospheres, floating overtone chants, driving percussion beats and a colourful mix of instruments.

Mich Gerber
Mich Gerber, a man, a double bass, a bit of sophisticated technology and a lot of talent. With his live sampling system he records layer over layer live until he creates a rich rhythmic and melodic soundscape that simply mesmerizes.

The music of Almerim touches through their own unique style. The carefully arranged compositions invite us to dance with their joyful melodies and powerful rhythms. It worth to listen carefully to hear the many layers of this special music.

Freedom Cafe
A colourful mix of musicians from various countries. They will enchant uswith their summer concert using violine, vello, guitar, hang and percussions. Expect the unheard!

This year the power-band from Israel will play their new “fusion set”. They will take us onto a trip from accoustic music to electronic dance music.

Last but not least: The Tickets
The Somuna Festival has grown from 2008 to 2010. However space at our location is limited and in 2010 we had to close the doors early because we could not allow any more visitors. The natural circumstances of our location set the limit of visitors and we find it very important that there is enough space for everybody. We want to keep the Somunas cosy atmosphere and we are sure that you agree.
In view of the development and of the last editions it is safe to assume that the festival will be sold out in 2012 as well. No what does that mean? If we sell tickets at the gate we will have to reject people as soon as we are sold out. Imagine 500 or 1000 people at the gate with nowhere to go. We do not want that to happen and for reasons of organisation and safety we can not allow this to happen. We are sure that you agree on that too :)

There is just one way to solve this problem: Tickets will be available through presale only.

The prices for a 4-day ticket:
1. March - 19. June 2012: 110 CHF (ca 90 Euro)

Additionaly there are the “Starticket” fees which we can not influence... sorry about that.
and the cable car hast to be payed which costs 10 SFr (8 Euro).
The cable car usually costs 20 Euro, Somuna guests receive this special price.

For more and detailed information visit our website: http://www.somuna.com
Or just buy a ticket on the spot ;) http://www.starticket.ch/0ShowInfo.asp?ShowID=49852&ShowDetails=1


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