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August 23 , 2019
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Interview with Enertopia

Hi, Can you please give us a short introduction about Enertopia?

Emiliano: Hello, yes, Enertopia is a project carried by Emiliano Solazzi, who through the many years talented artists around the world join for collaborations and to add great vibes, as persons and as producers.

When did you start making trance music?

Emiliano: It was around 1992 when I met Ziv Matushka who I met in order to write an Intro to our Cerebral Coma “Coma Retained” studio production, we were neighbours for many years in Beer Sheva Israel so we used to gather and write Industrial, me on guitars and vocals, Ziv on Samplers and synths, after a while I started to get some cool synths and joined studio together for a while, so there was a lot of inspiration daily, and we developed our tastes to Goa Trance back in 1995, so after my first trip to Amsterdam, I came back to my studio and wrote most of the material for my first album “Magic for Eternity”, followed by “Face Adaptor” in which I gathered with Yuli Fershtat aka “Perfect Stranger”, we joined our musical ideas and studio equipment and wrote material which ended to be “Face Adaptor” really great time composing with Yuli, back in Beer Sheva. Now days I have the great opportunity to take Enertopia to different directions and to work with producers around the globe in great order and extremely efficiency, Hail to all people who joined this journey of producing “Divine”, Enertopia’s 3rd and new album.

Do you have any side projects?

Emiliano: Yes, working on a project called “Zero Division” with 2 more producers, we plan to write an album by mids 2009, you know how it is… deadlines, well, we see how it turns, using some very interesting equipment such as Kyma, Adam is the Kyma twister. More info will be there out for sure, with music for the dancefloor mind and spirit.

What gear do you use to produce music, and where do you get your inspiration from?

Emiliano: I use as my main studio computer an AMD Phenom Quadcore 9850 which I built recently, with my favorite RME 9632, gotta love that quality. Inspiration comes first of all from the heart and from my family, my daughter was my first fire to start this album and take it to a finished production, my wife Vivz which made also the vocal for “Human Spirit” by Chilean Ovnimoon. My first dedication is for my family and all people who believed in this album, we are very proud of the results.

In your new album you have a lot of collaborations, how is it to work with other musicians?

Emiliano: It’s great, we share the same vision, first of all for the music, and we take it with lots of care and love. There is a passion we all share, to write music for the dancefloor, for the people.

Do you prefer to play a Live act or a DJ sets?

Emiliano: Well, I usually play my material and combine tracks that I love from other producers as well as DJ, at this moment I am re writing my album tracks in Ableton Live for my future Tour.

How do you prepare your live acts? What do you usually change in each live act? What gear do you use?

Emiliano: I take my Toshiba Satellite with me, with a really lovely Native Instruments Audio Kontrol1 soundcard, plug my 4 channels and run Ableton Live with it, as I mentioned before, I am working at this moment on remixing my album tracks, will be interesting and uplifting for sure.

In the studio, how long does it take you to make a new track? Do you ever make tracks with the dance floor in mind?

Emiliano: Usually 3 months a track can carry, I tend to do many things at the same time I have a project, gotta take care of many things in daily life, beeing a father is a simultaneous reallity for me, come back home from work, be a husband and father and share my time for studio production, love the rhythm. And always thinking of the dancefloor.

What future releases do you have in the pipeline?

Emiliano: Well, right now, working on “Zero Division” we got a few track in our studios.

What advice can you give to young artists regarding making music?

Emiliano: I would say to learn as much as possible about your sequencer and your sound, just got to love the way of production, and invest if possible for quality on Power PC and the best soundcard you can buy, it will give you the facility to work and enjoy the up to date working flow, spontaneously.

Thank you for the interview.

Emiliano: Thank you very much and hope to see you at the dancefloor. Cheers.

 Interview by Jeto
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