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September 25 , 2020
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28 Aug, 2020 Psylicious presents:

11 Urodziny Be Psychedelic at Bunkier Gdansk
Gdansk, Poland


28.08.2020, Friday, we will party with psychedelic trance music.
Especially for you, we will have DJs from our team and an invited guest will play the intro.

2200-2330 Rita Raga LIVE!
2330-0100 Kaktus- Be Psychedelic
0100-0230 Vis Maior (aka Remo Klein) - Be Psychedelic
0230-0430 Tuszi Tushe - Be Psychedelic
0430-0600 DACLEE - Be Psychedelic

On Saturday, 29.08.2020, we invite you to party with widely understood house and techno music, where two girls will play techno and two men will play house for you.

2200-0000 DACLEE - Be Psychedelic
0000-0200 Ceri - EGOISTIK
0200-0400 Soyalee - Be Psychedelic
0400-0600 DYGA

More Info:

Be Psychedelic
(debut of our decorations - first time in the club!).


28 August 2020 (Friday) and 29 August 2020 (saturday), will mark our 11 years anniversary of our operating on the stage as Be Psychedelic. During the years, we were able to invite many wonderful guests - we hope that you will remember the events with their participation for a long time and that this one will be no different even though we will meet in a smaller group and with a limited DJ line-up.

200 people will be able to stay in the club at the same time.

28.08.2020, Friday, we will party with psychedelic trance music.
Especially for you, we will have DJs from our team and an invited guest will play the intro.

Admission (for 1 day) - Friday or Saturday:
PLN 20 before midnight
PLN 30 after midnight

We hope that the admission price is very attractive for you, because we are most happy when you visit us. We also hope that we will all see each other and that we will celebrate our 11th birthday together!

Lost Rave Community

We invite you to celebrate with us!
Thank you for your support over the years!
We hope that despite the years passing you know that we are still trying our best.
Well, no further excuses now, see you!

Be Nice - Be Happy - Be Psychedelic!

We party safe:
- hand disinfection is obligatory at the entrance to the club and when using the toilets
- people with symptoms of an illness will not be allowed into the club
- please keep a safe distance

The Bunker Club is 5 floors of culture and entertainment, 2 bars, 2 concert and party halls, a gallery with the possibility of purchasing exhibited works, and a pub, where philosophical disputes are accompanied by tasty food for the body.


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Indoor Free Parking Chill Area VJ Deco

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