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May 19 , 2024
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Ace Ventura

ACE VENTURA is one of the newest additions to the Iboga roster, and with a long involvement in the development of the psytrance scene, also one of the most promising for the future.

Behind the project is Yoni Oshrat, a 28-year old Israeli with a rich musical background. Born in a musical family (his father is a famous Israeli composer and song writer, for instance behind the Eurovision song "Halelujah"), and previously working in the TV and movie-industry as a sound producer, before he discovered trance in the beginning of the nineties.

After that things moved quick for Yoni - after DJ'ing for years, he teamed up with his friend Dj Goblin to form the Children of the doc project, which later changed name to Psysex - together they released 3 critically-acclaimed full length albums on HOMmega, and played a big part in establishing Israel as one of the most important trance-countries on the globe.

After several years of intense touring, playing at some of the biggest parties and festivals worldwide, Yoni's taste moved more and more towards the slower, groovier side of music though, and from 2006 he is no longer a part of the Psysex project. Instead he has started 2 new projects: SCHATSI, which is a electro-project, already getting featured on releases from Hadshot and Mylo's Breastfed Recordings - and of course ACE VENTURA. Yoni is fond of all major sides of the progressive scene, and it shines through in his ACE VENTURA-project, which can best be described as deep, tribal and pumping progressive psytrance.
Despite being a relatively new project, ACE VENTURA has already appeared on releases from Flow, Domo, Yellow Sunshine Explosion,Blue Tunes records and of course Iboga, and is scheduled for several compilation-appearances in the coming months. Watch out for the ACE VENTURA album coming out on Iboga - just in time for the summer season 2006.

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