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June 19 , 2024
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Psysex are Udi Shternberg & Yoni Oshrat. Udi, also known as DJ Goblin, was born in 1979. He was always drown to music and started DJing by the age of 12 (!)- mainstream and dance music. When he was 16 he moved into house, DJing mostly on vinyl (he still owns a HUGE collection of them).
Yoni was born in 1977, to a musician father, and musically he's always been into electronic music, since the old days of techno & acid. He also used to play the drums.
The guys met during the hot raves season in 1997 while they were both partygoers. Goblin was still in the house scene, and just bought a computer and started building his studio aiming at making his own house music. Yoni persuaded him to start making trance music. Soon he realized that house music was way too simple, discovered trance, got the flip, and they started making trance music together. Their first track, they say, was very melodic and quite silly but they carried on till they released their first track-Welcome Friends- under the name Children of the Doc.
After a while Goblin did a track with Dave Saragosi (Kailum) and decided to call the project Psysex. Although it was a good experience, after that track Yoni took Dave's place and from then they were both Psysex & Children of the Doc. They also started a new project by the name Koopa Troopa, which is a freestyle project not meant for the trance dancefloor, more in style with electro and 80's electronic music.

In the end of the Millennium Udi and Yoni released the first Psysex CD, Expressions of Rage (Hommega), which also came out on vinyl through Balloonia. In July 2001 they released the second album- Hardcore Blastoff, and in September 2003 their third one- Come in Peace.
There were also some 12"s released- Children of the Doc EP (3D Vision), Psysex- 4 Days of Madness/Alien Cop 12" (Krembo), Electro Culture 12" (Balloonia), Psysex vs. GMS- Imprint/Copycat 12" (Spun).

They released quite a lot of tracks together, and also Goblin released a few tracks on his own and cooperating with others in a number of compilations: Domestic & Goblin- Tripnotised (IPT3), Children of the Doc- Welcome Friends (Israel's Psychedelic Trance vol. III), Children of the Doc- Bionic Bong (Psychedelic Vibes 5), Children of the Doc- Police 106 (Trance Mix 9), Children of The Doc- Martian Civilization (Domestic Goblin rmx) (Full On 2, Goa Head 7), Children of The Doc- Impossible Vortex & Psysex- L.S.Dance (ISRaliens), Children of the Doc- Police 106 (Goblin rmx) (Full On 3), Psysex- 4 Days of Madness (Psychedelic Krembo 4), Psysex- Alien Cop (Psychedelic Krembo 4, Psychedelic Krembo - The Best of), Yakov Biton & Goblin- Grounded (Spiral Active Project), Xerox & Psysex- Highly Classified Project (Xerox- Freestyle), Psysex- The Evil Turkeys (cesnsored version) (Full On 4). Oforia- Raw (Psysex remix) (ISRaliens 2, Oforia- Raw remixes 12"/3D vision), Psysex- Experimental Procedure (Destination Goa 9), DJ Goblin & Talamasca- Creatures From Outer Space (Interactive mix) (Voojoo Rituals), Psysex- Survival Kit (UFS2), On A Mission (Full On 5), On A Mission (rmx) (Reborn), Shiva Psysex- Macumba (The Call of Shiva), Psysex- Amphitamaniac (Israliens 3), Psysex- Dominatrix (Flip Out), Psysex feat. Manitu- Final Mission (Psi Trance Explosion), Children of the Doc- Bionic Bong (Psysex rmx) (Psi Trance Explosion), Psysex- Dominatrix (Cosma remix) (Full On 6), Shiva on Psysex- E-T=Art (Force), Psysex - Survival Kit (Koopa Troopa's dub mix) (Another Life), Psysex- Altered States (Positive, Think Sync), Psysex- Puzzle (Israliens 4), Psysex- Amphitamaniac (PsyCraft remix) (Israliens 4), Psysex- Dirty 80ís (Classic Goa Trance 2003- book 1), Psysex- Alien Cop (Goblin remix) (Nu-Clear Visions of Israel), Psysex- Fast and Furious (Highoctane), Psysex- Dirty 80's (remix)(B Trance), PsySex- Soda Pop (Goa vol. 6), Sub6 feat. Michelle Adamson- Ra He'Ya (PsySex remix) (Sub6- Ra He'Ya CDS), PsySex- Survival Kit (Sub6 remix) (Full On 7).

Goblin also releases more clubby tunes as Freeze, so far he released: Freeze- Watch Out (with his brother Ido) (Contact- Clubber vol. 1, 6th Element Open Air), Freeze- It's Time (with DJ Robert Gitelman & Y. Martinez) (Contact- clubber vol. 1).

They started a new project by the name Koopa Troopa, which is a freestyle project not meant for the trance dancefloor, more in style with electro and 80's electronic music.

Studio Computer:
PC Pentium 4 /1.7 Giga 256 RD RAM

Sony Vaio Pentium 4 /1.6 Giga 512 SD RAM

Sound Cards:
R.M.E AudioLink 96
PC MCIA card for Laptop

Roland Super MPU64 Midi processing unit
Kenton PRO2000 Midi to CV converter
Kenton DCB Midi to CV converter

Sequencer & Editing:
Logic Audio Platinum 5
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6
Soundcraft Spirit LX7 32 input/7Bus

Event 20/20

Akai s3000XL + Syquest EZ flyer 230 MB H.d.

DIGITECH Studio QUAD V2 Multi effects processor

Gate / Expander:
Intelligate XR 2000

Synths & Modules:
Roland Juno 60
Roland Juno 106
Roland Alpha Juno-1
Access Virus A (module)
Yamaha DX7 II FD
Kurzweil Micro piano
Waldorf Micro Q
Phat Freebass 383


Web: http://www.psysex.co.il

E-Mail: goblin@psysex.co.il††yoni@psysex.co.il

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