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June 19 , 2024
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Chakra is Rami Shapira. Rami started to work with alternative electronic music when he was 13 years old. He had a band with two friends (Frank Malinder, Avi Ligi) called Synthesized Regime making electronic body music. They use to take part in the electronic music events in the legendary Tel-Aviv underground alternative club, The Penguin. Then he gradually moved to Acid House in 1988 and a bit into European trance, until one day in a party he heard a new style which he found to be the next step and just got into it.

He started to make trance music and released a few tracks with Itzik Levy (Sandman) as Whitchcraft. Then, in 1996, Rami teamed up with Edi Mis to release one of the best trance CDs ever- The Promised Land. This CD burned a mark in the skin of trance with a lot of classic tracks that still remain in the heart of people. Rami was involved in five tracks: the legendary X-Flie with Edi Mis, the legendary Liquid Troll, Brain in the Box, Hell Razor Puzzle and Final Mission again with Edi.

These tracks also appeared in numerous compilations around the world, among them: Order Odonata- Experiments that Identify Change, Trancentral 5 (Mixed by Mark Allen}, Destination Goa 1, MdM vol.14, Pulse 2 and Fill Your Head With Phantasm 2. X-File has also another mix made by Chakra & Edi Mis (Monkey mix), and Krembo also released a 12" with remixes to this classic by Quirk, The Visitors & P.Cok.

Rami also did a remix to Prana's Taiyo that appeared in Geomantik, Goa Core 2, Goa Head 3, Goa Spirit 2, Deck Wizards 2 - Tsuyoshi Suzuki. Released 2 tracks on his own- Spider, Hallucinator (Trance Mix 6), and released two other tracks in cooperation with other Israeli artists: Chakra & Avi- Insignificant Form of Life (Dragonfly Classix), Chakra & Nada- Intensive Psychedelic Care (Resonance Mood, Matsuri).

After The Promised Land, he circled the globe for more than a year playing around the world in festivals in Europe, Japan and The US. He spent a long time in Japan and worked on some projects over there, and now after a year of rest he's back with his own label- Optimus Records. He released a new 12", Resurrection, with two new track featuring Liquid Metal- Resurrection and Search for God. Also was released the Resurrection CD, that he compiled and mixed, and features, apart from the two track that are on the 12", another solo track by Chakra- Deliverance.


Phone: 972-3-6811764 Fax: 972-3-6829853

E-Mail: optimusr@zahav.net.il

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