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February 25 , 2024
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Chakra & Edi Mis - The Promised Land

 ( Krembo / USTA ,  Jun. 1996 )

1. Chakra & Edi Mis- X-File (original mix) 2. Chakra- Liquid Troll 3. Edi Mis- Barbarian 4. Chakra- Brain in the Box 5. Edi Mis- Club Mad 6. Chakra- Hell Razor Puzzle 7. Combine- Combine Harvester 8. Chakra & Edi Mis- Final Mission

What makes some music immortal? I donít know, if I knew I would not be writing reviews but making music to make people happy. But, if someone is considering a research on that subject, than this CD is a real good place to start. This CD has been around for more then 2 years (some of the tracks for more than that), Iíve heard it hundreds of times, at home, at cars, at parties and still, the moment X-File starts playing around me I start jumping around with spasms. X-File is probably one of the classiest tracks ever made. It starts with the crickets in the tropical forest and the thunders rolling and then the famous monkeys with their oo-oo-oo-a-a-a-a-oo call and the strongest guitar entrance- I havenít seen a trancer that didnít get his/her all body shaking with that opening. And you canít forget that unmistakable building up hard driving melody that tears your body apart. I believe Krembo just came out with a 12" called ďx-file (rmx Ď98)Ē, with remixes to this classic track by The Visitors, Quirk & P.cok. Should be interesting, weíll try review this soon. Then you have Liquid Troll (Rami Shapira & DJ Rodi), a track that no matter where I am, what I am doing, who I am with, will send me dancing exactly after 1:36 seconds. In that moment, right after you hear the sounds of water drops in the forest that voice finishes saying the words: "There was a noise inside my head. I felt the trickle of liquid down the side of my neck", and the tribal drumming starts. And then, exactly after 2 minutes I go flying around the room, or wherever I am, when that crazy immortal melody starts and it doesnít stop for the next 7 minutes. Those 2 tracks where played by Rami at the Israeli big trance demonstration, and I want to tell you that itís just an amazing experience to see the energies they produced in 30,000 people. After this killer opening you would think things could only go down, but they donít- they go up and down and all around and to space and to the core of the earth, to heaven and to hell. Mindbending sounds, crazy melodies (Barbarian, for example), spooky crazy distorted and filtered voices of nature and its beings all contribute to the most intense trance experience you can find on plastic. You have the twisted Brain in The Box, The stomping Club Mad, The intense Combine Harvester with one of the greatest use of effects ever done and Final Mission to end it all and put your brain back together again, or at least patch it up a bit. Finally, we must not forget the great continuous mix by DJ Zoo-B.

Recomendation:  The only question that remains is ďWhere are they?Ē. I donít really have an answer. I know that Rami Shapira was involved in a few projects, I know they both still DJ, I know that they have some other stuff on DAT (havenít heard it though)- but thatís all. Weíre all still waiting.
If you donít have this CD, try and GET IT! If you donít succeed write Zoo-B and the guys in Krembo and persuade them to reissue!!!

Favorite tracks:ALL!

Review by : Shahar

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