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June 19 , 2024
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E-Jekt are Uri Azene and Gad Vered (Surrender), from Tel Aviv, Israel. Uri was a professional sound designer, working at the top of the Israeli sound design industry for a decade. He has been a DJ since 1992, the unforgettable DAT era. His musical influences are 60’s and 70’s psychedelic and experimental rock. Upon the conclusion of the successful ‘Dark Fader’ world tour, E-Jekt announced a change in the group’s set-up. Nir Shoshani (Hujaboy) has left to focus on his solo projects and Gadi (Surrender/Contra) joined in his place. Gadi came from a heavy metal background as a drummer and was always searching for the same "feel" in electronic music. He met acid house and techno in the early 90's. In 1996 upon listening he was caught - never to look back again. The duo, currently continue to release and work on new music. A 2nd E-Jekt album is underway as well. E-Jekt's music can be described as hard and unique, a heavily psychedelic – fluff and cheese ‘free’ vibe.
Since 2003, E-jekt released so far: Psychedelic Summer (CD) Masa El Kir Transient Records 2003
Reefer Madness (CD) Afrikan Nightmare TIP.World 2003
Reefer Madness (2xLP) Afrikan Nightmare TIP.World 2003
Sonic Tonic (CD) Nukra, Toffy Slave HOM-Mega Productions, Vision Quest 2003
Wild Life (CD) Stormy Alchemy Records (UK) 2003
Direct Out (CD) Xtraball (E-Jekt Remix) Bionics Records 2003
Do You Believe? (CD) Enjoint (Point Remix) Phantasm Records 2004
Spectrum 2 (CD) Stormy Dance Club 2004
Elegraffiti (CD) Trance Star Solstice Music Europe 2005
Elegraffiti (CD) Trance Star Solstice Music International 2005
Force 9: Sonic Excursions Into Atomic Hurricanes, Particle Storms & Wild Elemental Forces (CD) A2-D2 Sirius Records (2) 2005
Goa Volume 13 (2xCD) A2-D2 Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2005
Most Wanted Pres. Raja Ram - The Godfather (CD) High Robot Phonokol 2005
Psytisfaction 2 (CD) This Is A Dream Phonokol 2005
Psytisfaction 3 (CD) Multi People Phonokol 2005
Satellite (CD) Shigris Oxygen Records (2) 2005
Tribal Maker (CD) Good Old Days Tribal Records 2005
Dark Fader (CD) Phonokol 2005
Kiss The Sound (CD) X-Per-Minute BNE - Brand New Entertainment 2005
Psytisfaction 4 (CD) Mr. Cuts Phonokol 2006
Shibuya Psychedelic Style 3 (CD) A2D2 Farm Records 2006

Dynaudio BM6 Monitors
Mackie Big Knob
Programs: Cubase 4.



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