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February 25 , 2024
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Psytisfaction 2

 ( Phonokol ,  Mar. 2005 )

1. Melicia- Lightning 7:23 2. Hypersonic- Get Stronger 7:22 3. Intergalactic- Grab It 7:02 4. Gataka vs. Zyz & Sequipa- Weekend from Hell 6:13 5. DNA- Fairy Tales 7:46 6. E-Jekt feat. Karld- This is A Dream 6:29 7. Aniki- Encourage 7:47 8. Tetrium- Limbo 7:39 9. Solar Plexus- Imaginary Muse 7:25 10. Dynamic- Expander 6:34

This time the new release from Phonokol Records, an important label that already released dozens of psytrance albums and compilations. Compiled by Mr. O.K., this second chapter of the Psytisfaction series features only
Phonokol's artists, some well-known like Dynamic, Gataka and Melicia, and some new to the Phonokol's staff like DNA, Solar Plexus and Intergalactic. The cover is really aggressive, I like it! It shows two aked "cyborg women" kissing... Noam Levkovitz is the man responsible for this design... I bet most people like it, if not for the idea, because of the perfect artwork.
The album begins with a typical Melicia track, good drive and samples... I can't understand what's said... Nice track, power above average, joyful to dance, nice way to start a compilation. Hypersonic (T2)is not my cup of tea, I prefer Yoni's work as Psydrop. This track sounds slower than the first one (but in fact it's 146 BPMs). Let's skip to the next track. I liked very much Intergalactic last album, Vic Sheffi has lots of projects and all of them are good IMO. This track adds psychedelics to this release, much different from the previous tracks, this is a multi-layered journey to the psychedelic realms. Great track. Next we have Sesto Matan together with professional Brazilian psychedelic artists delivering us a bomb! (T4) Steady track with
pumping bass, nice lead synth and great atmosphere. The samples are very funny! Next we have Fairy Tails, the slower track up to now (143 BPM), but sounds much faster. Powered by an efficient kick/bass combo this track
sounds stronger! Lots of samples I can't identify and psychedelic elements all over it... At the middle some kind of vocoded vocals blasts my mind. I am dancing... Next good track by E-Jekt feat Karld (T6) almost convinced me that this was not a dream, but then the samples prove me wrong... What I'm doing here? Surely dancing... Next is Encourage, the faster track of this release, 148 BPM that at first don't sound that much fast, but the track keep building up with each different bass line and melodic synths. Different work, usually 148 BPM can scare some people, I think this is not the case, this track sounds joyful. The breaks and build ups creates a nice expectative and atmosphere. Most of the sample is difficult to figure out, this is what I understand: "Spiritual practices such as Yoga and meditation actually to, uhmm, encourage..." Now we move to something slower, but faster... Slower because it has only 147 BPM, one less than the previous track. Faster because the rolling bass makes it sound like 150 BPMs... I like this track's architecture from this Tetrium track, nice melodies during the samples from Austin Powers and great lead synth and bass after the
samples! Imaginary Muse starts in a weird way, disconnected sounds that slowly group together in an interesting arrange. After a while it's very good to dance... Good Psychedelic level, this is intelligent full on. Near the end I went to another dimension with the melodies. Very good track! Dynamic arrives to close this compilation with its slower track (T10), 140 BPM, but full of different bass lines, effects and melodies. Fits very well the start of a morning set. I enjoy it, good one Ben!

Recomendation:  This release contains no "Big Hits", but also there is no fillers, most tracks can be played at parties and some are good for home listening as well. More than 71 minutes of music, 10 tracks, it's a good deal.
If you want to add some power to your sets, maybe this release fits your case. A good think is that since most tracks work on dance floor you can add some diversity to your sets. Another "plus" is that it contains some tracks packed with a nice psychedelic atmosphere (like the Intergalactic, Gataka vs Sequipa and Solar Plexus tracks) and these tracks work on dance floor too. For me it good for home listening too, but I love
full on...
Favorites: 3, 4, 5 (!), 7, 8, 9(!) and 10.

Review by : full_on.

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