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June 19 , 2024
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Misted Muppets

 ::  The Misted Muppet

The Misted Muppet are Dagan Israeli (born 1983) and Tal Hassidi (born 1985). Dagan’s affection to music started at a very early stage of his life. He plays the keyboards and the guitar. When he was 12 he got hooked by the acid era and not long after started to produce his own music and became attached to the Goa spirit. His influences include movie soundtracks (mainly Danny Elfman), breakbeat, drum'n'bass, classical music and other various styles of psychedelic music.
Tal wasn't always a trance musician. In 1994 he started to make drum'n'bass music. He just liked to intense rhythms and groove. This passion still exists in his heart.
In 1999, Dagan and Tal met trough a mutual friend. After a short period of experimenting with various electronic noises, the bond was forged.
Their main goal is to express thought trough sound: “The art of thinking with sound”, as they define it. Their music is characterized by strong acidic lines, monstrous use of synths, intensiveness and aggressiveness, exploring the art of sound and noise to the max.

Their debut album- From the Legend- was released in Trancelucent in June 2004.

They have also released: Misted Muppets- Gojo (Empty Hand), Misted Muppets- Human Beings (Empty Hand), The Misted Muppet- Toxic Neuron (Pneumatic Angels), The Misted Muppet- Extremely Witched (Pneumatic Angles), The Misted Muppet- Amsterdam (Buckle Up), The Misted Muppet- Odyssey (Speed of Light).

Steinberg Cubase SX

Pentium 3 /800

Pentium 4 /1700

pulsar3-Sound card

Tannoy Reveal monitors

Mixtech Amplifier

AKG 270 Studio headphones

Pioneer SE DJ-5000 monitor

DJ Headphones

Dynamic DM500 mic

Reaktor and all possible plugins

Roland JP-8080

Freebass 808

Alesis Midiverb 4

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