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February 25 , 2024
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Pneumatic Angels

 ( Trancelucent ,  Nov. 2002 )

1. Cosmic Tone- Leehy 7:57 2. Perplex- Science 6:51 3. Boiling Point- Inside Attack 7:54 4. The Misted Muppet- Toxic Neuron 7:10 5. The Misted Muppet- Extremely Witched 7:32 6. Boiling Point- Interface 7:59 7. Perplex vs. Intergalactic- Elevation 7:33 8. Cosmic Tone- Execution 8:52

Welcome to the world of Pneumatic Angles. Trancelucent's second compilation features some brand new names, coupled with some previously exposed names. Cosmic Tone kick things off with a wicked, pounding night tune, Leehy (T1). Plastic Sounds, evil basslines and a thumping groove. Perplex moves us on to Science (T2), with an unmistakable Fight Club sampling, a light-hearted bassline, panning on the stereo, with a searing, emotional lead on the background. A nice floor mover, with some nostalgic sounds, a-la Astral Projection's Mahadeva. Boiling Point features a nice piece of psychedelica, with Inside attack (T3). Those dripping sounds, along with a ruthless bassline will leave you gawking on the floor, and the percussion loops are well in-place. The Misted Muppet, previously released on Trancelucent's first compilation- Empty Hand- hand us a groovy sweeper, Toxic Neuron (T4), with a combination of the old sounds in the lead section and the new, full-on approach towards the beat and groove. Some very psychedelic loops are featured, but at some point they are repeating themselves, and the track simply goes nowhere. On the fifth track, Also the Muppets, we have an early morning stormer, with a touch of nostalgia, and a very distinct Infected Mushroom influence is felt in this track, namely, the percussive work and that retro-sound lead synth. This track is Extremely Witched, and the name is fitting. Boiling Point return, this time tried interfacing with Interface (T6). A very skinny track, with not much on it in terms of beat and groove. Perhaps a more experimental tune rather than a focused one, this track simply gets lost at a certain point. Perplex vs. Intergalactic's work together had produced us with Elevation (T7), a club-oriented tune, with fluffy pads, an airy bassline and a nice feel to it. Some of the sounds are quirky and not always fitting the track's general mood, but all in all, this is a nice floor track, with the proper amount of attitude. Ending the compilation are again Cosmic Tone, with Execution. Despite it's name, this track, while being a nice night-time digger, is not properly executed, and stands as very mild compared to the first track in the compilation and the others featured.

Recomendation:  Essentially, this Compilation tries to take the progressive trance, full-on and club-Goa, and mash them together. In a sense, this compilation does just that, but not without flaws. Very nice work in general, with some mediocre tracks to boot. Personal Favs: 1, 5(!), 7. 10(!).

Review by : Jason (LyTe)

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