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June 19 , 2024
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Noga is Noga Sudai was born in 1973 in Naharia (A small town in northern Israel) and was involved in music since he was five. Over the years he has been playing the drums, bass guitar and electric guitar in various Israeli rock bands. In 1996 he moved to Tel Aviv and released an album as part of band called City Mouse, which followed an extensive tour in various clubs. In 1997 Noga decided it's time to go back to his peaceful hometown. Around this time he met a girl who was composing music using the computer. Meeting that girl changed his life, as he was fascinated by this new way of making music. Since then he was making music using the computer, collecting more and more equipment as time has passed. His first meeting with trance music was in 1999, when he went to his first nature party. Since then he has been making trance music.

In 2002, Noga met Roei Nissan trough a mutual friend. They were known as Cosmic Tone and released one album (Overwhelming) on Trancelucent in April 2003.

For him, creating trance music is quite different than participating in a band because when the musician is a part of a band and plays a certain instrument, he would concentrate mostly on the instrument that he plays, and not on the other parts of the music. In electronic music, the musician IS the band, which makes it a bit harder, but also more fun, as he says.

Not long after the release of the album, the duo had decided to go on separate paths. Roei kept the name Cosmic Tone and Noga has adapted the name Noga.

His new music is a bit of everything. He describes it as powerful and emotional.

Nowadays he is working on his debut album, to be released next year on Trancelucent.

Releases as Cosmic Tone (with Roei):
Leehy (Pneumatic Angles)
Execution (Pneumatic Angles)
Not Like That At All (Indian Spirit)
Not Like That At All (1^st Compilation)

As Noga:
Lili (Full Space)
Extensive Survey (Buckle Up)
A Day With My Love (Going Deeper)
Among Myself(Going Deeper)

alesis-monitor one

virus b
yamaha -cs1x


Drum machine:
alesis-sr 16
Sound cards:
rme hamerfall dsp
gina 24

digital recorder:

digitech -quad4
behringer-mdx 2100 dynamic procesor
control keyboard:
audio - radium
compaq presario pentum 3 1000mhz
Pentum 4 2400MHz


mail : noga@trancelucent.com
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