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June 19 , 2024
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Cosmic Tone

Cosmic Tone is Roei Nissan coming from the peaceful northern city of Israel- Naharia.
Roei (born 1979) was introduced to trance music in 1996. As a child he played the keyboard and the guitar and was surrounded by music throughout his life. During the end of 99 he set out on a trip in the far east that lasted 3 years, he visited, lived, DJed and organized parties in Thailand, Laos (first ever full moon party there), Goa and across India, Australia , Africa (eclipse 2001). He began producing his own style of music while residing in Thailand. After a while he decided to return home, build a studio and start composing music in a more professional and pleasant environment. He then met, through a mutual friend, Noga Sudai and they started adding elements to tracks they each composed independently. The more they got familiar with each other the more it felt right. Their first track together was Total Lust and from that point they begun working together extensively, still without a name or a proper entity. A couple of months later after polishing their sound, they were invited play in a nature party up north. After a week and a half without any sleep, a 40 minutes live set was ready. The party was a blast, and that got them working together. They released one album together- Overwhelming- through Trancelucent in Apr. 2003, but not long after that decided to part ways. Roei kept the name Cosmic Tone and Noga works under the name Noga.

Roei released the second Cosmic Tone album- Going Solo- in Mar. 2004- also in trancelucent.

Cosmic Tone also released: Leehy (Pneumatic Angels), Execution (Pneumatic Angels), Hard to Open (Indian Spirit), Not Like that at All (1st Compilation), Your Destination (Buckle Up), The Cosmic Story (Blue Leprechaun).

Studio Gear:

2 Computers- P4 2.8 800HZ

Laptop- Compact

Soundcard- RME Multiphase 8in 8out

Console- Behringer

Monitors- Behringer Truth

Synths- Nordlead 3, Virus C


Web: http://www.cosmictone.com/
E-Mail: cosmic_tone@hotmail.com

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