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June 19 , 2024
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Non Fiction

Non Fiction is Nisim Ben-Maor, born in 1976 and lives in Dimona in the south of Israel. Nissim got into music in the age of eight thanks to his mother Geula. He started playing the soprano flute and then moved to mandolin, all and all playing seven years in the conservatorion. Then his father bought him an Organ, which he learned to play by himself. He played in different Rock bands in pubs, and then moved to producing other artists' stuff from different musical directions. Nissim also works as a recording technician in studios in Dimona, and plays in weddings.

He moved to making Dance music and tried to get into the market, but the distance from the center of things and the stigma that Dimona has made it quite impossible.

Then Nissim started making trance in 1996 and is around as Non Fiction since 1997. His first Album as Non Fiction- Aspect to the Future was released on Shem Records in 1998 and Nissim worked on it for a year and a half, using Midi and analog equipment.

Nissim defines himself as a musician and not a trancer, as he writes the music according to what he feels, not thinking of trance necessarily. He doesn't listen to trance much, and he's not really part of the 'scene'.

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