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February 25 , 2024
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Non Fiction - Aspect to the Future

 ( Shem ,  Apr. 1998 )

1. Prolog- The next Generation 7:56 2. Sadness 6:52 3. Motion 7:56 4. The Ripper 9:13 5. Aspect to the Future 9:03 6. The Indian 10:26 7. The Submarine 7:34 8. Epilog 6:51

This was the first trance release from Shem Records and made me follow whatever came next, and what came next was just great. This is mostly morning melodic music by Nisim Ben-Maor straight from the far south of Israel. It's very energetic, pure stomping music, music to dance to non-stop. There is nothing really revolutionary here- just good classic melodic Israeli trance music, and the melodies work overtime here. There is also a bit of oriental feeling going through the CD.
The first track is a prolog with repeating samples that give an alien theme to this CD. The second has a bit of sadness going through it and some oriental sounds and melodies plus a distorted sample/sound that sounds like a breeding of an opera singer and an electric guitar (well, something like that). Track 3 starts more relaxed, almost chill out music and builds up slowly from electric bird singing to strong grinding rhythms and sounds, again with oriental melody accompanied here by psychedelic metallic sounds. The Ripper starts with a long slow psychedelic buildup and turns into energetic melodic track with constant psychedelic effects in the background. Beautiful work with the melodies that keep evolving and evolving, changing speed and sounds. Track 5 is nothing special, but The Indian is a great powerful track, my favorite- your speakers are gonna suffer from that fuzzed bass and Indian chanting.
Track 7, The Submarine, is just WOW! It starts with that sonar bip that goes all along the track, very high melodies, the sample goes: "The sun is coming up, we are going to go up and up. No one will stop us now - DANCE"- whoooo!!! I want to welcome the sun in a good nature party with this track!!! The Epilog finishes this CD, weird rhythms ambient stuff.

Recomendation:  This is melody trance, the work is done by melodies. It is also quality stuff. But the bottom line is that it works- there are some morning musts here that can blow a party! The album is not diverse enough and that's a shame, sometimes the tracks sound too much alike. But, Non Fiction is a promise to the future and I'm waiting for the next release. My favorites here: tracks 1,6,7.

Favorite tracks:1,6,7.

Review by : Shahar

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