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June 19 , 2024
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 ::  Sound Field

The man who stands behind the ProSect project is Andy Yakovlev, born 1983 in Ukraine. He was about 10 when he moved to Israel, where he's still based these days.

Andy got connected to electronic genres since his early childhood, amazed by the wide variety of the possibilities and ideas in this part of music. Basicly he started making music under the ProSect name by the end of 1999, but at the early rise of it, music was made for fun and he haven't noticed that he's falling under the spell of creation. After few years he took the things more seriously and got back to the craft with more energies, the music became a part of his life.

Main factors for Andy's inspiration and his music flavours come from the hi-tech world, science fiction, ethnic and spiritual stuff, art, nature, self-expression and of course different electronic music styles which are giving him a huge and fresh waves of ideas.

ProSect's main direction is a Psychedelic Trance without a categorizing into useless subgenres. Danceable grooves, sounds that make you flow, energetic rhythms, massive melodies and funky elements - all that and even more you can find in every ProSect tune. Andy tries to be imaginative, to explore, to break the rules, to be a freak and to make his own way inside the underground world that got too much similarity and self unexpressivity.

"ProSect" basically has 2 meanings, the more complicated one is Proton Sector; which best can be described as an area of positive energies. Music that comes out of this project should supply you with positivity, people should smile inside of them (soul) and outside through their body (dance). The second meaning is more basic one: pro-section, pro stands for something advanced and section is my sound laboratory, this is where he's trying to get more advanced then the others, the endless way of learning and developing.

In 2003 Andy met Liron Atia (The Poofs) and together they formed Sound Field. The combination of both artists made a new taste to the music, on one side Liron's soft progressive lines mixed up with Andy's energetic vibes and melodies. They both started exploring the more progressive side of the psytrance and succeed well in this mission with solid morning beats. On the other hand, there are a massive psychedelic tracks with goa influences coming out of their project as well.

In middle of 2004 Andy forms a project that will deal with slightly unusual freestyle music that will be hooked up with psychedelic elements. He calls his australian friend, Peter Mullins, to join him on this journey under the name of ICO (Imagination Corporation). Peter plays the piano for many years by now, loves variety and his music to be free of normality and standards, got a strong the funk / jazz elements in his creations. Togehter they combined perfect combination, with one specialising in melodies / harmonies and the other in beats, arrangement and production skills. The style is very free and not bound by the rules of all the formulas out there today. The vision is to mould new styles and formulas for other artists to experiment with and for listeners to experience with a fresh ear.

Next year another project starts - Sonify, for a more progressive side of the trance / house music. The first track, which is a co-operation with Torsten (Threshold Productions), end up with good results - they signing for a 12" release on well known Baroque Records.


ProSect & Olo - Tips & Tweaks (MP3 Release / Resonant Earth)
ProSect - The Club: Revolutions (Kagdelicious Vol.1 / Kagdila Records)
ProSect - Funk Inc. (Kagdelicious Vol.1 / Kagdila Records)
Sound Field - Ocean In Motion (Satellite / Oxygen Records)
Andromeda - Imploded (Sound Field Remix) (Andromeda - The Remixes / YSE Records)

Prosectorium lab:

PC: P4 - 1.7 GHZ
Audio Interface: M-Audio Audiophile 2496
Software: Cubase SX, Various VST/DX Effects And Instruments
Midi Controller: Alesis PhotonX25
Mixer: Peavey Unity 1000 - 8 Channel
Monitors: Pioneer SP170
Headphones: AKG K-44


Web: http://www.prosectorium.com
Email: prosect@hotmail.com
Email: sonify@veryprogressive.com

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