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June 19 , 2024
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Trivia is Erez Feldman, born 1979 in Minsk, Whiterussia. Erez moved to Israel with his family when he was 10 years old, and went to live in Nazareth Illit, a small town in the north, where he still resides. His parents used to be musicians and in their home there was a piano. When he was 4 years old, Erez started to play it just by hearing and without any help from his parents. Erez never really learned music and still doesn't know how to read notes. He also learned to play the guitar by himself and since the age of 13 started to be drawn towards electronic music, which excited him and was new and interesting.
When he was 16, he discovered Impulse Tracker and started slowly to make music with it. He started to make trance music and to send some demos to record companies, and though it took a while, finally some stuff got released.
Erez released Phoenix in Ptzatzot 2, Forbidden Fruit & The Quest in Boom Bolenat (MDMA) and not long ago released his own album Speed of Sound, which he did almost on his own. Now he started to work on music in a bit of a different direction, and when he gets out of the army he plans to buy Midi equipment and start working on music more professionally. He hopes to maybe start his own label.

Phone 972-6-6551989
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