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February 25 , 2024
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Ptzatzot 2 - compiled by DJ Kobi Kastoriano

 ( Kajoonk ,  1998 )

1. Duvdev & Shidapu- Baby Killer 9:40 2. Destination- Lightning From Heaven 8:00 3. Luminus- The Freak Show 8:15 4. Hi Phuk- High on Wire 8:45 5. Todra- Nuclear Strike 8:16 6. Trivia- Phoenix 7:51 7. Syndrome- Time Out 7:45 8. Duvdev & Shidapu- Devil Rmx 9:20 9. California Sunshine- Whirlpool 9:36

The sequel to the famous Ptzatzot compilation. Ptzatzot ,by the way, means bombs in Hebrew and is used by some party goers to describe a situation when things start exploding. It pretty much turned into a figure of speech everywhere in Israel now to describe the fact that something is great.
The highlight of this compilation are Erez Eizen & Amit Duvdevani, Infected Mushroom, here under the name Duvdev & Shidapu, doing great morning music. Baby Killer is a killer opening (the names of trance tracks are getting a bitÖ. Well, I donít know what to say), that starts with a short 7 second beautiful intro and continues to work mercilessly on you brain and body, nice complex melodies and some nice drum work and passages (would cut the fading and returning drums sections though). About 2 thirds into the track there is a melodic surprise that reminds me a bit of Prince of the Dolls by Erez (as Shidapu) but this track is really full on. Great morning track. You also have the Devil remix, staying in its reserved place (track 8) from the first Pzatzot. As this track was the highlight of the first compilation (and what I consider to be the ultimate morning track), again thatís the way it is here. You finally get the full electric guitar solo, which sounds as if itís taken from some heavy metal ballad but fits in just beautiful. I didnít think when I first saw that they remixed the original that it could be as good as the original, but it is, Just great. Track 2 is the worst in this compilation, and I really think it could have been left out, its just sounds empty to me and it feels like the drums are not connected to the music. The Luminus track has nice beats and rhythms and great melodic entrances, the Ďdrummingí is just great all along the track. Pure dance energies. Nice break in the middle with the freak show sample and a great build up back. A beautiful track that can also be found on Virtual Trance, only here itís not mixed. Track 4 is a nice track with strong driving melodies coming after long slow buildup. The Todra track starts the better part of this compilation, some twisted psychedelic sounds come in. Very full on track, great sampling (is that Stalone talking there?), and good melodic work. The Trivia track is another good morning track, great scream sample followed by an electronic scream and drumming scream. Nice one, powerful melody. Syndrome is the big discovery for me here. Echoing bells opening, the melodyís blending in, very powerful from the start, hitting you after 40 seconds and not stopping! FULL ON! This track also has beautiful melody work that succeeds in sounding like something new, also beautiful work with the effects and sampling. I think there is a CD coming soon! Again California Sunshine end the Ptzatzot with an atmospheric track, more relaxing chill out stuff with soothing melodies and psychedelic sounds. A really nice track to end a compilation with.

Recomendation:  If you like the classic Israeli melodic Goa sound, but donít like some of the cheesy crappy stuff that comes out lately, then this will save you! It got mostly good production and sounds and the music is good, complex and full on. Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 are just great stuff and the Devil remix is worth buying the whole CD in itself.

Favorite tracks:1, 5, 6, 7, 8(!).

Review by : Shahar

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