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April 21 , 2024
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Welcome to our review section. Here we review new Israeli related trance releases as soon as we get hold of them, so we can help you get a clue of what is in front of you. We are also slowly going back in time and review old stuff, so you can catch up with what you've missed. The final aim is to create a review database of all Israeli related trance music that is out there in the universe.
A note: Trance is a form of art, and in appreciating art (and everything else actually) you are in the subjective area, and the different ways to look and understand an artwork are endless. Therefore, there must always be a difference in tastes. Take this into account when you read. Another important thing: we write only about what we like, we leave negativity to other places and people, hence, you might not find reviews of releases none of us liked. Enjoy!
The Isratrance team.
* If you like to contribute a review, feel free to contact us here.

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