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June 26 , 2019
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13th Moon

 ( Interchill ,  Nov. 2003 )

1. Kiwa- Dawn 105bpm 8:39 2. Aba Structure- Rescue 120bpm 7:28 3. De-Fex- Another World 127bpm 6:35 4. Human Blue- Spinnin' Spoon 130bpm 8:16 5. Taruna- Sacred Tree 140bpm 7:50 6. Mystical Sun- 2012 128bpm 7:29 7. Umberloid- Neon Tetra 100bpm 6:57 8. Kaya Project- Stone Turns Black 100bpm 5:33 9. Bluetech- Prayers for Rain (in dub) 77bpm 6:55

Interchill, Canadian chill out missionaries, with a new compilation, compiled by Neerav & Andrew. Envisioned on the boat leaving Samothraki festival more than a year ago, 13th Moon aims at a possible future 2012 tribal gathering in Central America. As such it suggests an interesting concept of chill out as dancefloor music, a valid concept and reality as all who visited chill zones in big festival can testify. So we get bpms here- running from 105 to 140 and back to 77- and we get music with different kinds of danceability, for different moods, times and energies.
Finnish Kiwa start with a nice ethnic psychedelic Dawn, followed by Aba Structure with oldschool chill sounds and a floating light atmosphere featuring the heavenly voice of Irina Mikhailova. De-Fex change the atmosphere to Another World with grabbing alien samples and a catchy dripping melody. Human Blue brings the tempo up with a progressive trancey tune for emotional pre-dawn moments- amazing and one of my favorites here. Taruna continues, reaching the peak, bpm-wise, with an ethnic trance tune with beautiful African singing and an overall mysterious and magical atmosphere. Mystical Sun aims at 2012 with melodic light and spacey atmospheric carpets. Than comes Umberloid, Ott & Chris Barker, with typical and enjoyable (as always) Ott atmosphere. Kaya Project, new project of Seb "Shakta/Angel Tears" Taylor, with another favorite here, tribal worldmusic beats, beautiful Arab vocals and darbukas, and a lot of promise for a soon to come album. Finishing the set is Bluetech, a new discovery for me, and a good one indeed, sending you through dubby jazzy psychedelic fields with 60s feel and a special fresh blend of sounds and emotions.

Recomendation:  Another good one from Interchill, really soaring up with track 4 and becoming a true joy with the last trio. A good afterparty.
Favorites: 4(!!), 5, 7(!), 8, 9(!!).

Review by : Shahar

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