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June 26 , 2019
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A Step Beyond- session vol. 1

 ( ZMA ,  Feb. 2003 )

1. Shaman- Fill n' Thrills 6:53 2. Trioptimum- Tiefsee 7:55 3. Sun Control Species- Faith in Chaos 9:58 4. Tegma- El Cabron de Tulum 8:29 5. Mantik- Bazar Bizzare 8:33 6. Sun Control Species- One Size Fits All 6:30 7. Sensient- Off World 8:15 8. Mockie- All Moments 8:38 9. Neogen- Misty Mights of Whisper 8:17

A new compilation from ZMA of psyprogressive tunes with feel, psychedelia, subtle melodies and after the sunrise overall atmosphere. Shaman gives us again a perfect opener with Fill n' Thrills, a mellow relaxed yet moving piece full of psychedelic and emotional sounds. I dub Shaman as the official perfect opener of good morning sets! Trioptimum continue, nice one, but I don't like the production and overall sound. Sun Control Species with a great Faith in Chaos (T3)- excellent moving psyprogressive tune for the morning moments. Tegma follow with percussion mayhem, great hypnotic tune that continues the feel in more intense and melodic direction. The Mantik track I really don't like, much to develop here. The second Sun Control Species tracks is just as good as the first- two excellent tracks by Andrew Davidson here, which leaves me eager to listen to his upcoming album expected through ZMA. One Size Fits All (T6) is just a deep morning tune surrounding you with psychedelic atmosphere and a capturing rhythm that'll send you galloping around the dancefloor. Sensient is a promising upcoming talent from Oz that already captured my ear before, Off World (T7) is another grabbing psychedelic morning tune with an irresistible groove and an overall mysterious yet happy feel to it, opening in the end with a nice floating melody. Beautiful. Mockie takes it down a bit with the percussive tribal All Moments, nice hypnotic moving piece. Neogen takes the 'surprise of the CD' spot with a beautiful open airy track that really touches me. Nothing like his previous release and he's definitely an artist to watch in the future.

Recomendation:  A fine piece of plastic with beautiful musical morning moments and a strong together feel to it.
Favorites: 1, 3(!), 4, 6(!), 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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