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October 31 , 2020
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Abracadabra - Abracadabra

 ( Hadshot Haheizar ,  Dec. 2001 )

1. To Awake 0:50 2. Spear Hunt 2:03 3. Jungle Fever 8:43 4. City Juice 6:15 5. Salsalipso 1:33 6. A Cabin Near the Swamp 12:38 7. Aqua Child 11:18 8. Nature Calling 13:51

Idan Kupferberg, remembered by old tranceheads as part of the legendary Taran-Te (with 2 of the first vinyls of Hadshot Haheizar), and for producing 2 hypnotic Didgeridoo trance tracks in Stereopoly and Heavy Machinery, is finally releasing a full length. This is the first freestyle release from Hadshot Haheizar, and I consider it as one of the best and most mature of their releases.
In this album Idan gathers around him a multitude of musicians and combining electronic and live instruments music and even some very unusual vocal work, he delivers a real interesting, groovy and fun tour into various musical realms.
Starting with a kabbalistic quote on the power of music and going through a maze of musical styles, beginning with the totally tribalistic frenzy of Spear Hunt and Jungle Fever. Then there's a swift move to the concrete jungle with the unbelievably groovy and funky City Juice, going straight to the great vocal and lips work of Salsalipso. Then we go back to nature with the mysterious Cabin Near the Swamp, a long brilliant complex and very visual piece of music. Beautiful singing by Din Din Aviv and a real story to follow, which is full of twists- beware of the swamp thing! Aqua Child takes another sharp turn into the world of Ragamuffin with Chollo, Israeli Ragamuffin king (yes, there's an animal like that, though still in a protected reserve). Real cute. Then nature calls and after spending a few minutes in the wilderness we get Nature Calling that appeared also in Heavy Machinery.

Recomendation:  A beautiful journey through a multitude of musical styles in an organic electronic environment. As much as it is variable it stays totally together. An amazing CD from the first note of music to the last paint of the cover.

Review by : Shahar

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