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October 31 , 2020
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Abstract - The Message 12"

 ( Balloonia ,  1998 )

A. The Message B. Zov Dam

Weird sounds from Abstract (Amit Peer & Aviv Malki), heavy night music, twisted and dark.

The message (A side) starts and hits you hard for a while- "Attention! Good evening citizens of earth, it's a different time and a different place, but the message is the same"- and then comes that scratching spooky sounds that builds up to be released in a distorted raw madness- heavy stuff, too heavy, I would even say. In the middle the track takes a twist with powerful electric whips, whipping all around, and building up again to release that weird spooky sounds. This is grinding dark weird twisted trance here. Zov Dam (B side), meaning in Hebrew, a lethal bleeding, is another weird and dark one. While it is not as hectic as the A side, it's still not too communicative. Nevertheless, I really like this track. It surrounded by spooky flowing ?disharmonic? psychedelic sounds, and with a lot of playing with sound games. The second part of the track has a definite groove to it. All and all, this is a very nice end of the night track, though some more power to the base line could have done wonders to this track.

Recomendation:  I believe this is a collector's item, the production is lacking, but you have to consider this was only Baloonia's 3rd release on vinyl. This is definitely not what is considered as the typical Israeli sound (not that a sound like that exists anymore). Interesting andů did I already say

Review by : Shahar

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