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June 26 , 2019
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Acid Transmission -

 ( Trishula ,  Jun. 2008 )

1. wi']['ch- Fractal Generator 7:05 2. Zoolog- Contradictionary 6:39 3. Purosurpo- Multi Range 8:49 4. Arabali- Mars is Amazing 7:30 5. Attoya vs. OIL- Escaping the Bubble 6:38 6. Karash- Likeadelic 7:34 7. OIL- Behemot 9:59 8. Olien- Dynaversum 7:46 9. Mind Distortion System- Looking at the Sky 7:52 10 Psyfactor- Mythical 7:51

Witch (T1) starts the journey good with playful sounds and funky baselines with unstable jumping kicks and some samples to make the noia creep out from the para. Most of the tracks have nice drives and deranged atmospheres covered in a fuzzy sound images that makes Acid Transmissions sound old, actually, the whole VA has this pre 2005 feel to it with a lot of stuff going on. The clue in music like this is the sound effects that are dropped all over. It has baselines that varies and plays a lot of tricks on your mind. The Danish act Zoolog (T2) brings some super Hottentotten beats that sort of wiggles your pants off while distortion starts to spin your frail mind apart. Zoolog is walking along the forest trail sending out radioactive vibes with quirky moods in an obscure swamp. Again, as most of the tracks here, it got some good variation in store for you, like raising and lowering the tempo, flabbering the effects while bending and trending your head around to catch all the visual goodies flying around. When it comes to the variation inside a track, no one does it more active then Purosurpo in Multi Range (T3) who truly pulls out a stellar start for open spaces inside your imagination. Itís sturdy and steady beats manages to pump the party to higher multi ranged grounds. Purosurpo is Jens who should be well known for most dark heads with his Derango and Hallucinogenic Horses projects. It has a lot of effects with trance and trip powers that when unsettling the beat flow, will grind your wide mouth to insane behaviors. Variation is the key, and chaotic is the door. OIL who is represented twice here (T5&7) has this touch that is interesting, dreamy, pleasant and cool where it works, but can get boring where it doesnít. Escaping the Bubble, btw, has a very disturbed closing sample where a man from South Park is screaming out help calls because he is being mentally raped by Attoya and OIL. As the tracks run along, you realize how much the music represented goes together hand in hand, with samples and effects that connect the different tracks.
Acid Transmissions has a good flow of selected tracks and they work in harmony, well, in their own type of harmony that is. Youíll love some tracks more than others for sure, but ifyou like this style of dark psytrance music, you will probably dig them all. Personally I love the first three and the last three tracks, especially the Purosurpo (T3) and Olien (T8) tracks. The middle part of the compilation starting with Arabali is good, but lacks something extra to turn me on.

Recomendation:  I think this is a good compilation but itís not on my favorite list. It has some very good moments like the strange and pleasant harmonics of Attoya Vs. OIL (T5) and the liquid drops in Karashís contribution (T6), but unless itís played on the right moment or state of mind, it gives me little but loads and loads of effects thrown with intergalactic manners, which kind of hurts when Iím not ready. If you like your music marinated in mud from the forest with heaps of variations and effects thrown at you in weightless conditions and hard as a nail in pain, I say go for it, this will rock your world. It has a sound that sort of blends the Swedish deranged forest with the sound of San Franciscoís darker corners (think Mistress of Evil Records) and the disturbed and suppressed Russian moist cellar where freaks with huge eyes wander around. Overall the sound is fuzzy and strange, a little bit messy. Itís music covered in mud.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2, 3(!!), 8(!), 9, 10.

Review by : Psytones

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