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June 24 , 2019
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Aes Dana - Season 5

 ( Ultimae ,  2002 )

1. Natti Natti 7:01 2. Peripherics 7:15 3. Season 5 8:46 4. Undertow 6:54 5. Gatewick (vinyl airport delay) 7:37 6. Dew (herbal version) 6:18 7. Chrysalis 7:48 8. Onset Data 7:23 9. Forest Fish 5:15 10. Suspended Grounds 5:37

Well, I've heard a lot about Ultimae, an independent French ambient label with an idealistic chill vision, but haven't heard their music yet. Just got their three last releases and I'm a very happy man for it- also more relaxed.
Season 5 is one of these albums that you put in the background and do your thing, whatever it is, and then you find yourself running to the CD player to check "what track was that" every time you play it, and it's always a different track. And so, I'm already in love with this album, and there's still time to find new things. Season 5 is a relaxing story that develops slowly and with a flow, it's all about atmosphere, it's all about emotional sounds and melodies, and it's all done in such a subtle way, and still manages to penetrate and touch you deep inside. The story develops from a very relaxed background start with Natti Natti, builds more of an atmosphere in Peripherics, goes deeper with a psychedelic touch in the excellent Season 5, then sails to light emotional melodic realms in Undertow and the Astral-like Gatewick. The sailing continues with the very liquid, watery Dew & Onset Data, visits foreign atmospheres with some vocal and ethnic touches in the caressing Onset Data and Forest Fish, and it all ends in the abstract floating suspended sounds of Suspended grounds.
This is an album and it should be listened to as an album. It's a beautiful highly recommended release with great music inside a beautiful cover that I have a feeling will be a good companion for a long time for me.

Recomendation:  Excellent relaxed journey to dive into and float around with. Highly recommended.
Favorites: 3, 4, 5(!), 6(!), 8, 10.

Review by : Shahar

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