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June 27 , 2019
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After Eclipse - Sunday sessions vol. 1

 ( Exotic Nature ,  Jul. 2003 )

1. FREq- Intro 0:48 2. Phoney Orphants- XLNT 8:09 3. Antix- Free As We Are 8:46 4. La Baaz- Bostic 7:01 5. Sensient- Timesplitter 7:55 6. AB Oblivion- Flirt with Dirt 6:28 7. FREq- Monochrome 8:04 8. Precision- Nightmare 10:17 9. Vortex- Cavanbah Cruise 6:56 10. Muthafunkster- Deep Orange 7:14 11. Mitsumoto- Nu De 6:13

Nice to wake up in the morning, go out with the dog, and find a real candy in your mailbox. Smooth and flowing with enough biting bits is what this compilation is. A great progressive surprise from the land of Oz. It's soft, it's groovy, it's psychedelic and it has lots of feel.
Starting with a fresh smooth caressing yet dramatic intro from FREq which gives you appetite for more from this guy (later..) and a good idea of what is about to come. Then a double Iboga insert, first Phoney Orphants with an utterly hypnotic. deep atmospheric progressive piece with beautiful pre-dawn feel. Kiwi Antix follow in suit with a groovy minimal atmospheric track that grows on you and serves as perfect home listening material, as the whole compilation does. Than Swiss La Baaz with Bostic (T4) supply nice jumpy monotone grooves topped with scratchy sound conversations. Sensient takes us back to Oz starting nice and light and gradually twisting your mind around till you lose your bearings. Excellent psytrance for night with a funky edge. Then carries us to more energetic realms while sticking to the funky grooves. Rock'n'Roll! But this is still a Sunday afternoon session- so do not worry, FREq returns to the atmosphere promised in his intro- Monochrome is an open dramatic and smooth powerful track with a tribal groove and a beautiful melodic end. Track 8 by Precision is a nightmare, a totally hypnotic tribal mind dive, not an easy one, but if you immerse yourself in it, it's worth the trip. Then things get real funky and with a loungy afterparty feel to it all with Vortex (T9). Muthafunkster follows with an airy monotonic relaxed tune that leads us to the totally loungy and relaxing jazzy track from Mitsumoto, which gives this compilation a deserving hypnotic creamy ending leaving you calm and contented. Just beautiful!

Recomendation:  An excellent after session as the name suggests. Makes great home listening and has enough danceability in it, no worries! I think the second part could have been arranged to flow better, but this is still very enjoyable. A very good surprise.
Favorites: 2(!!), 3, 4, 5(!), 7(!), 8, 11(!).

Review by : Shahar

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