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February 25 , 2024
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Analog Reflections vol. 3 - Speaker Junkies

 ( Agitato ,  Jan. 2002 )

1. Insect Sun- The Room 6:30 2. Boo-Reka- Skak 7:45<0 3. Platform- Unfreeze 6:50 4. Surreal- Speech Failure 7:50 5. Pixel- Black In Black Out 7:47 6. S.T.A.ZZ- Havoc 4:53 7. Psydrop- Half Life 6:44 8. Platform- Speed Up 6:42

Well, Agitato are taking a turn from just releasing random collection of blends of unknown artists and licensed released tracks to releasing a compilation with new music, new line that actually shows a growing stream in Israeli trance. In other words- Agitato are moving from being the tail of Israeli trance to hang around the nose. Still work to be done on the production side of things, but this is a blessed change.

The CD was compiled together with Platform- an uprising name in the Israeli growing techno-trance community, he also features two tracks here. The CD opens with Insect Sun. The Room is a typical track from Ilan with all the expected squeaky mind games plus extra brain scratches, but in a relatively mellow atmosphere. Than it's Boo-Reka, technoish side project of Hujaboy with Skak (T2), a massive relentless real dark one- beware of the bass line. A smooth move to Platform himself with Unfreeze (T3), monotonic scratchy techno with good mechanic groove. Surreal continue with Speech Failure from their Beyond album, and change the atmosphere completely. Nutty Eat-Static-like atmosphere with, catchy rhythms and bubbly melodic lines. Pixel with the second released track here, his big hit Black In Black Out (T5), I never really shared the excitement about this one, but it does wonders on the floor for sure. Than you get a short techno lesson from new comer S.T.A.ZZ, Havoc (T6) really grabs you and shows a lot of promise, but the sound is horrible. Psydrop is another new one, and Half Life (T7) is a weird track, cute groovy and clubby, full of little arcade sound mind games. Again work on sound needed. Platform finishes the story with Speed Up, a darker technoish piece, with hypnotic tribal feel and filled with spooky atmosphere.

Recomendation:  If you wanna hear some new sounds that represent a new path Israeli trance is taking right now, this is good for you. Don't expect the best production, but that's how it is with real fresh music always.

Review by : Shahar

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