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June 24 , 2019
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Antix - Wanderers

 ( Iboga ,  Jun. 2007 )

1. Red Robin (9:03) 2. Ak Is Burning (9:20) 3. Circade (8:00) 4. B.H.D. (6:53) 5. Flock (10:09) 6. Blew (7:13) 7. Seven Seas (9:38) 8. Forward (8:14)

The Ozzie Strom brothers who are better known as Antix are back after 2 excellent artist albums and one Remixes album that was personally a bit of a let down. Obviously the expectations were very high and considering the fact that Antix changed their style every album I’m sure had a lot to expect. “Wanderers” presents us a bit more minimal and gloomy side of Antix, much like the debut album but perhaps a tad deeper and on a more subtle side. As the album starts the first thing that you’ll notice is that the brothers indeed re-invented their sound. Their trademark complex percussion sound is still there but it sounds much more minimal a bit like the recent D-Nox & Beckers album but I think they’ve done a much better job in creating complex grooves with very few sounds. The first 2 tunes are a clear example of the new Antix sound and if you liked their previous output you’ll feel home here. Circade, the 3rd time goes even deeper with lots of fun sounds in the lower frequencies, the stuff that shakes festivals in the afternoons. BHD (4) takes us into more Electro’ish realm and for some reason it didn’t really work for me.
Flock (5) is in the same vein and it's a little too long and also the melodies sound a bit too cheesy for my taste. Blew (6) was previously released and it has the more familiar Antix sound and although I wasn’t much impressed with that track before it still delivers and sets the mood for the last part of the album. Seven Seas (7) is another Electro’ish tune that for some reason reminds me of Beat Bizarre circa Lewd days. Probably it’s the vocal samples in the back. The album finishes with Forward and it has that big Antix reminiscent sound that I learned to love in their previous album. Although it provides a very decent closure to the album, for some reason I expected something in the lines of the Fjord track from the previous album.

Recomendation:  Although my huge respect and appreciation for the Antix boys for their previous artist albums and countless compilation appearances I can’t deny the somewhat empty feeling that I’ve had during not a small part of this album. It clearly lacks the coherence and story telling the previous ones had. By no means it’s not a bad album and even not an average one. Antix can do and did much better and the standards that were set previously were probably unbearable. Still, a few excellent tunes and a bunch of average ones. Fair deal to me.

Favorite tracks:1!!, 2!!, 3!!, 8!

Review by : Pavel

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