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June 25 , 2019
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Aquila - Gain Control

 ( Dacru ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Gain Control 8:06 2. Innerdrive 7:09 3. Electronic Ocean 7:46 4. Lifeform 7:18 (vs. Ephedrix) 5. Biometrics 7:38 6. Fuerza 8:17 (vs. Chronos) 7. Cutting Edge 7:17 8. De-evolution 7:53 9. Down Under 7:37

Aquila are Thomas Van Hulle and Jonas Dryhoel. They both hail from Belgium. It makes a change from all those Israeli guys making full-on right? Just joking, but itís nice to know psytrance comes from all over the world. Anyway, you might have already guessed it, but Aquila is all about full on. The promo text says they have a no nonsense approach to it, and I tend to agree. If youíve heard tracks from them before on compilations, you already have an idea of how these guys sound. Think along the lines of Atomic Pulse or something similar and youíre pretty much there. The sounds on offer here characterize themselves mostly because of a deep bass line that rolls along nicely. Thereís not much variation in the bass line, but then again, it isnít needed if the rest is interesting enough. And that is surely the case here. Most of the tracks have nice acidic loops and melodies swinging around, and thatís the main focus here. For the rest all the basic psytrance ingredients are here, bass line, acidloops, beat, hi-hats and occasional percussion. Effects are used with precision and exactly where youíd expect them to be. The album plays along very smoothly, with never a sharp edge poking around where you wouldnít want. This makes the whole thing an excellent DJ tool. There are plenty of tracks here thatíll fit into a nice uplifting set easily. For home listening it is recommended too, especially if you like that massive full on bass line hitting away at your ears for about 70 minutes. One of my favorites here is Fuerza (T6) in collaboration with Chronos. Itís one of the fattest sounding tracks here. Another favorite is Down Under (T9) which is also really fat in sound and great in melody. The only real downside of the album is the artwork, which is functional enough, but kind of bland in my opinion.

Recomendation:  There is lots of great full on out there at the moment, so why should you go for this? Well, first of all because itís one of the most consistent albums out there at the moment. There is no experimentation, no weird tracks, no chill out and best of all- no downers. There is not a single track on here that is weaker than the other tracks. Of course everyone is bound to have favorites, but this album is as solid as they come. Looking for a big full on CD? Look no further.

Favorite tracks:6, 9.

Review by : Acidhive

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