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February 26 , 2020
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Arsenic - Arithmetix

 ( Manic Dragon ,  Feb. 2009 )

1. Demon Resort 7:17 154bpm 2. Linear Parabolic 7:34 149bpm 3. Reakt to Noise 7:08 155bpm 4. Grain Cloud 6:55 153bpm 5. Triangle Device 7:29 146bpm 6. Unregulated Power 6:53 160bpm 7. Profundis Tenebarum 7:43 148bpm 8. Obscure the Dream 7:38 152bpm 9. Caelestia 6:15 160bpm 10. + + 6:52 148bpm 11. Welcome Back 6:46 149bpm

Through spikes and needles we will walk, through hallucinations and noise we will speak and through madness we will listen. Arsenic has finally released his debut album, an album which is bound to take you through shifts and pitch with structured noise as its best companion.
Released on Friday the 13th, it is a diabolical album that will twist your mind with smart moves and intelligent sounds. This album is all about moods and abstract journeys, and I think its key to tell you that in between its noise and abstracted audio appearance it has some of the most beautiful, funny and mind resting melodies you can imagine built into the whole experience. The man behind Arsenic, Fausto Emiliano Gianni Aka BON, from Italy, is credited with pushing forward the genres of trance music using modular synthesis and analog equipment together with new digital systems. And you can clearly hear that Mr. Gianni is a talented producer with many clever ideas in sound, temper and storytelling. Iíve heard few artists that can take you on such a massive brain journey in the playful sense that Arsenic is delivering. In one moment you are rushed down underground where corpses are rotting and demons are celebrating, when suddenly in a grinding fashion he will lighten the mood for you by raising you up to the clear sky with colorful abstract clouds! This is respectably, an exciting piece of musical art. The BPMís are ranging from 146 to 160 and the variation aspects in each single track is extraordinary, it never gets boring and it seems the man is never out of ideas of how to surprise you and turn your whole existence into delightful confusion.
The artwork by Quasga is a perfect representation of the music, how it sounds and what it feels like. So if you like the cover art, you will defiantly love the music inside. If I would be forced to compare this album to other artists, my mind would wander to the mixed musical realms of Infect Insect and Osom, but with its own distinct signature. In my honest opinion Arithmetix successfully manages to combine the noise factor and the high acid trance technology making it if nothing else, extremely interesting.

Arsenic is a formidable demon telling a story, through music, of a great city of the future, Caelestia, brought into a world of darkness by scientists from Arithmetix Laboratories experimenting on the structure of atomic matter - experiments which went horribly wrong.
One little girl was watching the sky as it flickered red and white ≠ it was the end of Caelestia, but not the end of the girl ≠ sound and energy enveloped her and penetrated her soul - she became the demon who returns to us now to tell her story. As a trivial note, this album is inspired by the movies of Akira Kurasawa and Hayao Miyazaki.

Recomendation:  This album will throw itself into the already popular night oriented style of high tempos, crazy pads, shifting beats, strange leads and mood confusing emotions ≠ yet it strikes as being original with strong feet to stand its own ground without copying other acts within the same dimension. Its weakness is its wearing effect of making your brain tired of the nagging and repeating sound theme that connects the album together to form the overall image and connection. Its strong and very positive sides are its power to surprise with a thousand melodies of magical moods scattered all over the album. It is the immense variations found inside the stories told that makes this album a must for all fans of Ďdarkí psychedelic trance music. It is unmistakably unusually great in amount and size. So be not in doubt, the albumís overall sound is a representation of the branch of pure mathematics dealing with the theory of numerical calculations, coated in poisonous metallic elements. It is as a white powered poisonous trioxide of arsenic. So if youíre up for a mind blowing album that will give you one hell of an emotional ride and make you tired, this is for you! Be aware, this album might do you pleasurable harm leaving you bruised while smiling.

Review by : Psytones

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