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December 10 , 2018
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Azax Syndrom vs Bliss - Round 1

 ( Drive ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Azax Syndrom vs Bliss- War on the Ground 8:15 2. Bliss- Funksick 9:20 3. Azax Syndrom- Hokuto Shin Ken 8:51 4. Azax Syndrom vs. Bliss- The Better Man 7:46 5. Azax Syndrom- Flawless Victory (Bliss rmx) 8:39 6. Bliss- Sinner Bee (Azax Syndrom rmx) 7:42 7. Azax Syndrom vs. Bliss- Psycho Madness 8:38 8. Azax Syndrom- Live or Die 8:22 9. Bliss- Zero Hour 10:09

Alright, we have a collaboration album here. Both projects have been around for some time. Bliss started off as full on and has always stayed that way. Azax Syndrom had more of an evolution, so to speak, starting off as a dark psytrance artist, he gradually evolved to the 3D Vision/Timecode style of things. Hence his first album Evolution, a fitting name by the way, came out on 3D Vision. Anyway, weíre here to talk about this one. The whole album is put into a fighting style, it is obvious through the album title, the artwork and the track titles, most of which deal with fighting. Itís a nice idea, and it works well in this album. What surprised me was that the tracks are pretty long, going from 7 through 8,9 and even 10 minutes. The two artists differ from each other. Blissís tracks are characterized more by being wild overall and with lots of breaks, and sounding really busy. Azax Syndrom takes the Absolum approach by working more towards a build up with massive finish, which I find to be the best style. Bliss is thoroughly enjoyable too, donít get me wrong. Itís just that I like Azaxí style better. The tracks they made together are really a blend, being pretty intense throughout, yet still working towards a massive finale. The album gives off this fighting atmosphere quite well, being wild and hard, with all kinds of samples from fighting movies, particularly in Hokuto Shin Ken (T3), with all those Bruce Lee samples. When the whole thing is over after more than 77 minutes youíre left feeling empty, beaten (an adequate term here...) and definitely craving some ambient or chill tracks.

Recomendation:  If youíre looking for some hard, wild and wicked psytrance, then donít look any further. This is one to get.

Favorite tracks:The whole album is great but mine are 3, 5, 7-9.

Review by : Acidhive

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