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December 10 , 2018
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Babaganooshka - Babaganooshka

 ( Krembo ,  2000 )

1. Skating 7:45 2. D-Move 6:40 3. Alone 6:04 4. Simmbiotic 8:04 5. DNA 10:23 6. Polyster Day Before 7:28 7. B-Tone 2:40 8. Tipesh Meod 7:43 9. Private Room 6:41

Babaganooshka are Ziv Matushka (ex- P.Cok & Taran-Te) and Daniel Kestenboim (ex- Taran-Te). They've been away for a while it seems, not producing any trance music for sure.
Babaganooshka (baby's food in Hungarian) is a real groovy piece of electronic music. Influences from Jazz, Drum'n'Bass, Techno, Ethnic, Lounge, Rock - but still freestyle electronic music swinging in all directions. Don't get me wrong though, this is not your 4/4 party music- its electronic music not bounded by boundaries- excellent stuff before and beyond the party. I also believe this is a great album for tuning your sound system before an event, to put your frequencies in the right perspective!
Skating opens the album- it's almost danceable with a massive bass, smashing drum sequences, and great melodies, real amazing vibe here- beautiful track!! D-Move is my favorite here, it has this pulsating rhythm that just makes me wanna mooove! Very groovy, danceable and enjoyable piece of music indeed. It flows with wonderful uplifitng sounds, and there's a wave of nostalgia here which sends me soaring. The first two tracks are the more 'upbeat' tunes, we then proceed to more chilled realms, the atmosphere and sampling flowing consistently from the very first bar of the CD and complimenting each other throughout. Alone (T3) is more relaxed - chilled floating melodies, ethnic strings, topped with some funky freestyling- This shit I'm hearing, its music? - Great stuff!! Simmbiotic (T4) opens with sounds of nature- it has a great subtle melodic theme and a real charming ambience to it- just sit back, relax, and enjoy the soundscapes here. DNA (T5) is a heavy sampled track, but only for the first two and a half minutes, before it hits you with some great psychedelic drum'n'bass- there's some real technicians at work here, and the production of the whole album is really top class. Polyester the Day Before (T6) is another drum'n'bassy chilled experience, a real pub feeling to it. B-Tone (T7) is a short track all about vinyl scratches, samples (as always) and atmospheres. It fits in very well with the general ambience of the CD and flows into Tipesh Meod (T7, incredibly stupid in Hebrew)- a real complex piece here and not easy to digest- reminds me of the music I used to hear coming out of dark clubs while walking around Soho, London a few years ago. Private Room, the last track on the CD, has been inspired by the book of the same name. A real drum'n'bass lounge in the back of the club track- It goes along with a woman talking and the music playing to her tune, in drum'n'bassy dream spheres- very psychedelic stuff indeed.

Recomendation:  I love this album, it reminds me why I love electronic music in the first place. I recommend it to all who appreciate alternative electronic music, and looking for more than just the trancing experience. I feel people from different backgrounds (hip-hop, drum'n'bass, alternative electronica) will find a liking to this CD. There's enough funk, groove and chill to keep everybody happy. I only wish it was distributed better. Just get it!!

Review by : Chaitu

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