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June 24 , 2019
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Bigwigs - The National Heroes Of Sonic Parallel

 ( Horns And Hoofs ,  Nov. 2007 )

1 Cůrki Lota II 2 Pars Pro Toto 3 Sound Anonim 4 Sumiaste Nagrania 5 Snack La Vista 6 Tesla Oxymoron 7 Scarlet's Dawning 8 Sheer Dying Leasure 9 Tour The Trance 10 Mania Magma Lena

Bigwigs, or as their parents call them Grzegorz Magnuszewski and Jurek Przezdziecki (Iíd like to hear it spelled correctly one day btw) are Psy Trance sceneís Monty Python or perhaps judging by the cover maybe the Village People. This is their second album and they have undergone a small change of their original team for this one. Tomek Roehr and Jerzy Przezdziecki (Praecox) left the team and instead of them Jurek Przezdziecki (Kino Oko) joined the effort. The 3rd and the 4th track were co-written with Tomek but the rest is Grzegorz and Jurek. The album was released on Horns & Hoofs Entertainment which is the Polish/Russian branch of the infamous Boshke Beats records which is run by the energetic DJ Alex Boshke.
The first thing you notice is the cover of the album which is with no doubt the gayest Psy Trance cover Iíve ever seen, second only to Jorgís compilation with a giant phallus (or a sword, I donít remember) on a cover. The cover was skillfully designed by Inga Burina, who restlessly designs some of the best covers in the Psy Scene.
As you might have expected from those guys, their weird sense of humor is an integral part of their music. It is with no doubt very, very hard to write about their music because itís so god damn unique. It definitely reminds remotely Suomi Trance with the overall funky wacky weirdo attitude and the strong will to sound as much different as possible to absolutely everything else in the scene at the moment. What differentiates them, in my opinion, from the Suomi Trance I think, is the very high level of musicality in this album and the very high production level. Those guys are as good musicians as they are good sound engineers. Throughout the whole album the bottom end is a pure bliss, the high end is crispy and the mid is vivid and mud free.

Recomendation:  It is really hard for me to go track by track in this album but Iíll sum it up like that: If you like Extraweltís and Sensientís groove and sound and like the wackiness and free spirit of Suomi Trance look no further. This album is unique and definitely shines out from pretty much everything is released nowadays.

Favorite tracks:1!! (Oh my god what a bass) 5!!, 6, 7, 9, 10.

Review by : Pavel

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