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June 24 , 2019
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Bitkit - Necessary Illusions

 ( Naturall ,  May. 2009 )

1. The Other Side 7:42 2. Tunnelvision 8:36 3. Shadowhunter 7:05 (vs. Saigon) 4. Timetraveller 7:19 (vs. Fraktophon) 5. Multiverse 7:04 6. Explode 7:29 7. 5YK 7:26 8. Inside 7:08 9. The Revolution 8:16

Bitkit (Gunther Wyckmans), who hails from Belgium, brings out his second album. Itís called Necessary Illusions and itís released on Naturall Productions. Bitkitís style is easily described as being a crossover between something like Aquila and Aquatica. It has the fatness of Aquila and the big time melodies from Aquatica. Melody-wise it may even be more apparent than Aquatica. The bass lines of this album are massive and all the tracks have a definite DJ appeal, since tracks from this album are sure to fire up a massive response from the crowd. It all sounds top notch, with an excellent mastering by Friedemann Tischmeyer, crisp and clear and not too in-your-face like some other mastering jobs do nowadays. You can crank this one up and not cringe! Thumbs up for that. The artwork has this futuristic thing going on with synths and wires. Nicely done, and it all adds up to a cool package. I donít really have any favorites here, since the album has no downers. In that aspect itís a bit like the Aquila album (also from Belgium) that was recently released as well. This Bitkit album surprised me in a big way, it swept me off my feet, especially with those fat melodies that are presented in some tracks, most notably The other side (T1), Shadowhunter (with Saigon, T3) and 5YK (T7). Especially the opening track bakes the cake in that aspect. When that main melody hits just after the 6 minute mark I get into a state of bliss, just as I had with some older Yahel tracks. To quote the immortal Bruce Campbell (from Evil Dead 2 & 3 fame): Groovy!!

Recomendation:  Well, there you have it. If youíre looking for some banging melodic full on, you now know where to go. This one has got it all. Deep, immersive, banging and melodic. What more could you wish for? An extra track maybe? Itís only 65 minutes after all ;)

Review by : Acidhive

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