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June 25 , 2019
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Blazed - See Deep Inside

 ( Enzyme ,  Jun. 2009 )

1. Blazed feat. Hideyo Blackmoon- Supreme Mind 7:48 2. Blazed- New Age Phenomena 7:20 3. Blazed- The Awakening (See Deep Inside) 7:05 4. Cycle Sphere- Electrical Resistance (Blazed remix) 7:10 5. Blazed- One Day (I Have A Dream) 7:28 6. Eskimo- Party Pooper (Blazed remix) 7:17 7. Blazed- Cool Colours 7:26 8. Blazed- Trance-N-Dance 7:02 9. Blazed- Noha 7:28 10. Blazed- Higher & Higher 7:36

Bit late this one. Released in June 2009 and Iím doing a review now. Oh well, better late than never, eh? Blazed is a collaboration between Edvin Alperavitch (Twisted Reaction) who has had two album releases already and Vasco Ribeiro (From Horizon and Zorflux). Both have had releases in the past already and all in the full on realm of things. So what we have here is a hybrid between the two's styles? I canít say that for sure, but it sure sounds a lot like something Eskimo would make. It has a phantasm sound over it, which is maybe not so surprising when we see that Phantasm records was involved with this and there is even an Eskimo track remixed here.

Anyway, overall itís full on. This is reflected even by the artwork, which is really nicely done by the way. It reminds me of the old days, when albums like Phototropic from Transwave or Twisted by Hallucinogen still had those wonderful hypnotic coloured covers which seemed to fade away over time. The music on offer here is a bit slower compared to some other releases out there. That doesnít mean itís really slow per se, but still it isnít as fast as some other producers.

Now I hear you thinking: So the tracks are probably all OK, but surely there is nothing remarkable about this. If youíre into the mood it really sounds pretty good, but youíve heard it before for sure right? So, if not for the originality factor what am I going to buy this for? Well, maybe because itís just regular full on expertly crafted? Breaks in the right places, buildups, epic melodies, scientific and drug related sampling? Itís all here. If you like this sort of thing, like me, then youíre in for a great ride. Track 1 has a nice female voice sample looping. New Age Phenomena continues the somewhat slower bpm range and has a nice bassline with an OK finish. Ironically enough, See Deep Inside (the title track) is one of the least interesting tracks on here. On to the Cycle Sphere remix which has those great acidlines in it, and One Day maybe full of clichťd Martin Luther King sampling, but the bassline is great and once again these nice acidlines are pulsing throughout the whole thing. They manage to make Party Pooper from Eskimo sound better than the original and Cool Colours delivers on all fronts as well. Trance N Dance has a nice finish as well, including a good buildup, which is something a lot of producers forget these days. Noha does the same thing and the last track has a more mellow beginning, but isnít a chillout song. Thereís a guitar swimming in there somewhere and the whole thing has a funkier atmosphere.

Recomendation:  Overall, this is a nice full on album with good artwork, good mastering and an overall strong feel to it. This is one of those overlooked gems in my opinion, so do yourself a favor and go get this.

Favorite tracks:4-7, 10.

Review by : Acidhive

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