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June 24 , 2019
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Blutech - Prima Materia

 ( Waveform ,  Sep. 2003 )

1. Leaving Babylon 6:43 2. Prophetic Sines 6:16 3. Triangle (retriangulated) 7:02 4. Rubicon 5:57 5. Prayers for Rain (dub mix) 6:52 6. White Magnesia 5:40 7. 7th Phase Dub 6:28 8. Burning Waters 6:33 9. Mezzamorphic 7:58 10. Desperate Ends 5:32 11. Cliffdiving 1:57

The debut album from USA based Bluetech coming from the Waveform headquarters (www.waveformhq.com) opens up with the dubby Leaving Babylon, with a toyish optimistic melody and a shpongly vocoder singing. Very Shpongle-like, but that doesn't make this tune less beautiful. With Prophetic Sines things get even more dubby and we slide into an oriental mellow atmosphere with spiraling sounds and a great distorted vocals. Things get softer with the floating caressing sounds of Triangle (T3). Then Rubicon takes things deeper into reggae land, flavored with monotone technoish feel, a hypnotizing mechanic rhythm and topped with renaissance cembalo-like strings. One of those tracks that depending on your mood can be the best thing or impossible to listen too. Prayers for the Rain (T5), that introduced me to Bluetech on the 13th Moon compilation, is my favorite here, taking you to dubby jazzy psychedelic fields with 60s feel and a special fresh blend of sounds and emotions. Excellent track which gets even better with time. White Magnesia slides slowly into more 70s funky arena. Next, 7th Phase Dub (T7) gives us back that shpongly feeling with mellow alien voices accompanied by guitar and flute. Burning Water continues in the same vein with a beautiful relaxing melody, and then Mezzamorphic (T9) takes a sharp turn to electro off-beat land, hard, psychedelic and confusing, yet hypnotic and worth the effort indeed, with the totally psychedelic ending. Desperate Ends glides up with a happy old school Goa feel in it and brings up to the final Cliffdiving, a beautiful emotional piano piece that penetrates the heart and is a deserving ending for this album.

Recomendation:  A beautiful debut album from Bluetech, very Shpongle influenced, but much more relaxed and subtle and with loads of feel. Also there's enough Bluetech inside to give it its own personality and to keep me waiting patiently for the next album. Have it at home. Favorites: 1, 3, 5(!!), 8, 9(!), 10, 11(!!).

Review by : Shahar

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