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February 24 , 2024
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Boo-Reka - Corrupt Data Factory

 ( Agitato ,  Nov. 2002 )

1. Control 142bpm 7:09 2. Scar 138bpm 7:21 3. Corrupt Data Factory 140bpm 7:32 4. Pause 142bpm 7:02 5. In Hell X Hell 141bpm 7:06 6. Humusland 142bpm 7:44 7. Ogo 136bpm 7:09 8. Snail 136bpm 7:35

Hujaboy's Side Project, Boo-Reka, takes us to the dark pits of the techno realms. A dark, thumping, throbbing album, this one is not to be taken lightly. A warning for the faint at heart.
Boo-Reka starts by taking Control (T1), a dark, evil track, with a pounding kick and an insane bassline. A techno overload, Control is one heavy-hitter, on the 12th round, ready to pounce you some more if you dare it to. Scar (T2) is an example for Boo-Reka's versatility, with an obscure bassline, an obnoxious kick, and a bad-boy feel to it. True tech-trance, at it's best, watch for those Goa-eschew melodies at the end. The third installation, bearing the album's title, Corrupt Data Factory is a relentless piece of music, not letting go for a single moment. A driving beat with a perfect loop structure and pad work, with the distinct Hujaboy touches.
Taking a Pause (T4), Boo-reka delivers an eclectic, jumpy tune, with some mellow pads and loops, coupled with a tribal beat and a tech-hardcore-house atmospehre to it. A nice floor sweeper, this track sums up the opening bombardment. In Hell X Hell (T5) is yet another example of Nir's unique type of music. With inteligent loop work and a dark tune, some smoking pads and a surprising break, this techno piece will bounce off any unhappy raver. Humusland (T6), with an airy, fluffy pad and yet another good loop-work, is a much more mellower takedown, with a light attitude and a softer touch to it. It is still one of the best pounding tech-trance tunes I've heard, and can rival X-Dream, though their influence here is manifest. Ogo (T7) is a throbbing techno tune, one that will work well in clubs, a feeling of those fat basslines and pounding kick hits you pretty hard. One of my least favourites here, it goes on and on without much change, and is quite monotonic, as techno should sound. Signing this techno experience that is Boo-Reka, is Snail (T8), which, in spite of the name, is a minimal nightish digger, with searing leads, a pumping bassline and kick, and a space-like atmosphere to it. A nice finishing touch.

Recomendation:  This one is a must have for anyone who likes quality music, mainly techno. It has some rough moments, but most tracks here will lift up a party and leave you exhausted and asking for some more. An essential Techno album, made in Israel. Personal Favs: 1 (!), 2, 3, 5 (!).

Review by : Jason (LyTe)

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