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June 24 , 2019
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Burn in Noise - Broken MP3

 ( Vagalume ,  Apr. 2005 )

1. What Good 7:35 2. Formiga Atomica 7:03 3. Daydream Nation 7:15 4. Safi 7:19 5. Letís Go 7:50 6. XZ 7:26 7. Broken MP3 7:23 8. Servus 7:23 9. Flight Number 9:24

Burn in Noise is Gustavo Manfroni, a young producer from Brasilia (Brazil's
capital). Brasilia is my hometown too, and I had the opportunity to hear Gustavo playing as Burn in Noise (he has other projects as well) many times. I believe he's producing psytrance music for more than 4 years. Gustavo also made the graphic design for the cover.

This debut album is peculiar, because most tracks have a history within, they develop in a mature way. First and second tracks are melodic, but far from being cheesy. The strength of the bass lines in these continues in the next three tracks, and in the middle of the album I already lost the count of how many bass lines I danced to. Let's Go, the fifth track, makes me imagine myself dancing in the sun. XZ is my favorite here. What the hell is this build up?!? I can't write... Too busy dancing... How many pumping bass lines this guy has under his sleeve? Broken MP3 is next, the characteristic break-build up, a bit expected, and in the end it seems to be lacking something. The next track, Servus, is highly psychedelic. And the last track is an ambient track... but that's only for about 3 minutes... then after an infinite build up, it turns out to be a fierce dance floor oriented track, a long journey into the
full on realms... I feel at home.
With this concise debut album, Gustavo shows he developed his own style. This is no clone or copy & paste music, it's something very different, but works at dance floors AND has a creative edge. Good kicks, different build ups and percussion in most tracks. The production level is very good. The baselines develop in creative ways and in many tracks it shows a psychedelic touch that unfortunately is missing in most full on releases these days. One negative aspect of this release is that it contains only 69 minutes of music... Adding another track or a remix would make this debut score even higher.

Recomendation:  I recommend this release specially if you like tracks with a developed line, different and effective BASS lines and want add something unique to your musical sessions and sets.

Review by : full_on.

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